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A special thanks to Genetiker who allowed me to reblogg his studies. Link to the Y-SNP calls from Neolithic Central Asia Minorz [IEJ: Asia Minor ~ todays Turkey]

Below are Y-SNP calls for Tep001, an Pottery Neolithic sample from the site of Tepecik-Çiftlik in central Asia Minor. Positive calls are in bold, and negative calls are in non-bold. The calls show …

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Many thanks to Genetiker who allows me to reblogg this as well as Y-SNP calls for Tep001 which had this link within it


In the table below are links to Y-SNP calls for Neolithic samples from central Asia Minor.

Sample  Period                 Date BC    Haplogroup
Bon004  Pre-Pottery Neolithic  > 8300     G2a2b2b-F705      calls
Bon001  Pre-Pottery Neolithic  8212–7952  G2a2b2b1a-PF3422  calls
Tep001  Pottery Neolithic      7500–5800  G, J2, or R1b     calls
Tep006  Pottery Neolithic      7500–5800  C1a2-Y10446       calls

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