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Once there was a real good statistic page. That was then. Now it’s all but that. First of all:

* I liked when I could read which countries my readers lived in. Loved the maps.
Where have they gone.

* I loved to have that statistic first leftside
* I loved to have statistic which article people read directly under
* Loved to have the statistic searchterms under that.
The rest I loved to have in the right column

Now the statistic page looks for me (became Systemprogrammer 1971 and wrote one of this worlds first searchprogram 1980 still used by several the only thing I sold ”only for free usage”) the statistic page I can see in my computer today looks as if it was made of someone who never learnt the basic need to write from scratch in order to write for the customer not for him/herself…. never seen it as ugly as after yesterday

Inger E

For the first time ever I received a answer that shows the lack of basic knowledge for systemprogramming and lack of understanding us who writes blogs. Worldpress is by far the best one to blogg in at least to all of us who lack money to buy better if there is one out there, which I don’t know.

Anyhow this is the answer I received:

Thanks for contacting WordPress.com! You’ve reached an unmonitored email address (support@wordpress.com). We don’t reply to messages sent to this address; but, did you know you can get instant live chat support?

You just need to log into WordPress.com and visit our contact page here:


Staff is available over live chat there between 7:00am and 8:00pm Eastern Standard Time. During other times you can use that same page to send us a short email.

If you’re having trouble logging in you can get further help here:


Or, if you’re looking to get a refund or cancel a recent purchase you can do so here:


Thanks for flying with WordPress.com!

THe lines in the text show lack of basic knowledge It’s the customer and the user that’s a systemprogrammer is writing for. Many of the customers and users have at least 30 years experience in writing systemprogram. OF COURSE they as well as I myself, know all that and done all that. Don’t like to be treated like a fool! I got my exam 1971 and kept up with IT all years ever after no matter that I got other exams at Universities as well. Don’t like it a bit when there isn’t anything new at all in those text except if I had had money to upgrade. Which I don’t.

You still have the best blogs, I only would like to be able to read my statistic the way I could in the past.
How do I achive that? Well not from the pages you recommend. I don’t like having to use chat because I can’t say when I can read and give feedback in form of potentially new questions. The chat I read has low level questions asked and I don’t have time for those. Sorry but when being 66 years old having used contacts via modem from 1971 that isn’t my cup of tea. That’s the old ways we used back in first half 1980’s. In my eyes nothing for 2016.

Inger E

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