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Empiri beats fantasy as well as computer models!

Current State of the Sea Ice Extent 16 april 2015

Current State of the Sea Ice Extent 16 april 2015

Can anyone of the CO2-belivers explain: Does Polar Bear need more ice each than twice Malta’s area?

CO2 believers dreaming again

as well as: Claim rabbits impacted by climate change, wattsupwiththat.com 2015/04/17 Haven’t counted area for each rabbit…. the number of rabbit reproduction not known…. 😛

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Pseudoscience in extrem.
And here in Sweden lying media articles claims this years March to be worst ever…..
Little did they know that Reality check prove them wrong:

Reality check prove Swedish media lying

Arctic Graphs show that each Polar Bear have 645 square kilometer to walk on by him/herself…. In other words more than 30 square kilometer more than same date a few years back….

Current State of the Sea Ice Extent

Current State of the Sea Ice Extent

Reality knocks on your door CO2 believers. Or as written in a Swedish wordpressarticle: Desperata återupplivningsförsök, Sasjal.wordpress.com 2015/04/18

Claim:(Swedish text)
Varmaste mars sedan 1880, Aftonbladet 18 april 2015 Konstigt men empiriskt uppmätta data via NASA:s satelliter visar att i majoriteten av de uppmätta (korrekt avlästa) mätvärden för mars månad senaste 30 åren visar att vi ligger UNDER de flesta! Källkritisk kontroll Aftonbladet, vad är det?

Varmaste mars sedan mätningarna började, GP 18 april 2015 Inte ens det är sant. Se på de verkligt avlästa värdena…..

Varmaste mars som någonsin uppmätts, Expressen 18 april 2015 Alltid roligt att få bekräftat att matematiska förmågan numera är så låg att de inte klarar läsa av tabeller eller diagram 😛

Varmaste mars sedan 1880, Aftonbladet 18 april 2015

Watts Up With That?

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

beatles-sunh/t DailyCaller – British researchers have claimed that global warming strongly influences our taste in music.

According to FirstPost;

Fancy listening to the Beatles’ ‘Here Comes The Sun’ when you are grinding out yet another long, sweaty heatwave? ”These assumptions we have about certain weather being good and certain weather being bad, like sun being good — that might change,” researcher Karen Aplin of the University of Oxford said at a European Geosciences Union meeting in Vienna.

Aplin and five other scientists combed through databases of more than 15,000 pop songs, finding statistical backing for the assumption that our moods are strongly swayed by the weather. These emotions, in turn, are expressed in the music artists compose and what the public likes to hear.

Read more: http://www.firstpost.com/living/wonder-songs-getting-worse-might-global-warming-2196750.html

I guess its not difficult to find a better proxy than tree rings.

My question, if…

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Only 10% of an Ice berg is to be seen over water….. what we who relay on Reality instead of computer models seen regarding CO2-believers arguments will sooner or later after the Scam-ice melted be worse than anyone thought.
Reality always wins over pseudoscience and political views.

Watts Up With That?

While climate campaigners hope for a big El Nino this year, and wish for more hurricanes to use for ridiculous ”poisoned weather” headlines, the reality is that we are in a hurricane drought, not just in the USA, but globally as well.

Hurricane expert Dr. Ryan Maue points out the current situation in one simple and elegant graph which sums up the slump in activity:

Hurricane_frequency-March2015He writes on his Twitter feed:

5-year running sum of number of global tropical cyclones (1970-2015)
Stuck at 400 — lowest in this 45-year record.

This is backed up by data compiled by Dr. Roger Pielke Jr.:

gtcl-2014The last few years have certainly been low compared to many previous years, especially 1971.

Meanwhile, it has been a record long drought for Cat3 or greater landfalling hurricanes in the USA. This graph shows the number of days from the last Cat3 Hurricane to make…

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When ever “map” and “reality” show different views – Reality rules. BUT and that’s also important to tell directly:

* Consensus is a political term with no connection what so ever to Theories of Science.

* Appealing to fear is a fallacie when used combined with Ad Hoc/Ad Hominem. Ad Hoc/Ad Hominem with or without “computer model”-views NEVER EVER CAN BE USED AS VALID ARGUMENT

CO2 ”figures” from Mauna Loa
First of all – CO2 readings on Mauna Loa is done not for CO2-believers/”scientists” but for geological purpose to be able to have a pre-warning of next vulcano eruption! This had been the case all over the world after terrible volcano eruption of St. Helena eruption May 18, 1980

What the so called scientists of IPCC forgotten, is a simple fact that Volcanos always leak a large amont of CO2 into the air during active and after active period. The higher leaking the larger force within. Using ”data” from Mauna Loa is the same as When the fox counts the chickens

* The North Pole.
Peary and Henson reached according to their own data (!) North Pole 1909;
Nobile, Amundsen and Ellsworth considered to have flown over the North Pole 1926 (Zeppelin) and Sir Wally Herbert was leading the first scientific expedition up the North Pole in 1969 (!!!!) .

Don’t forget that ice-cores drilled down from surface in Arctic never ever show the situation on same spot, longitude and latitude, ten years ago let alone 50 or more. The ice in Arctic is never still but moves around, due to centrifugal force as well as the water cycle, as all forms of water do, including the glaciers and icesheets. All form of water including ice moves to reach the lowest possible level, to sea level. For information re. Arctic ice movements please look at with Nansen’s Fram expedition in Arctic. There you will find Fram’s movements during the time the ship was frozen in the ice up to the time it finally reached open water.
It’s not possible to drill ice cores in Arctic showing the weather situation for one and the same place, and even if this had been the case no cores could in have given correct information of the wind-, solar-and temperature erosion for any given year let alone for a serie of years.

Route of Nansen's Arctic expedition ship Fram's after being frozen in the Arctic Ice.

Route of Nansen’s Arctic expedition ship Fram’s after being frozen in the Arctic Ice.

Empiri visavi computer models!
latest event proving CO2-believers assumption of less and less Arctic Ice wrong:
5,300-ton HMS Talent has a huge dent and will be out of action for weeks
Defence officials have refused to disclose exact details of the crash
It will cost an estimated £500,000 to repair, navy sources have claimed
Royal Navy nuclear submarine suffers £500,000 damage after ‘hitting floating ice’ while tracking Russian vessels, dailymail.co.uk 4 April 2015 Updated: 11:18 GMT, 5 April 2015

Had the submarine been navigating after computermodel’s assumption – or what?

Watts Up With That?

Guest essay by Ronald Voisin

(for the near perfect ice-core recordation enthusiasts)

This essay is a promised follow-up to a 1/25/2015 WUWT posting (here).

Some of the WUWT commenters from the initial posting questioned the validity of a 200 yearlong 100% spike in atmospheric CO2. So I’ll begin this follow-up with a defense of that supposition.

It is quite clear that Natural CO2 emission (and atmospheric spiking) is stimulated by any global temperature increase no matter the cause of that increase. The ~1.5oC global temperature rise, since the Little Ice-Age, can reasonably be estimated to stimulate an increase in several of the natural CO2 sources by as much as 2X (in particular the biologic natural sources). See Table 1 below.

Table 1

Here are the primary sources of natural CO2 release in decreasing order of quantity of carbon emitted: oceanic release…

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When will they ever learn? IF NASA:s figures this time is accurate, Which isn’t proven, Their own lines regarding lowest sea-ice is false!

According to official figures for Polar Bears counting, not interest organisations of CO2-believers, there are around 22 000 polar bears, not 25 000, but that doesn’t matter –

In March 2011 each Polar Bear alone (counted on 22 000 individs) had 634 square kilometers alone to walk on.
Today they have 636 square kilometers….. As far as I know 636 is more than 634? 😛

Anyhow you can compare with Manhattan 58,8 km² respectively New York City 783,66 km² (land) thus you see that each Ice Bear have more than 80% of NYC area to walk on sea ice alone if anyone of them wants to…….

Swedish media
NASA: Istäcket i Arktis det minsta någonsin, SvD 22 mars 2015 Jämför man NASA:s egna statistik var det i mitten på 1990-talet betydligt mindre 😛 🙂 😛

Tillsammans ser vi till att Sverige tar täten i klimatfrågan, nybildade nätverket KlimatSverige, GP debatt 27 mars 2015 OKUNSKAPEN ÄR STOR BLAND DE SOM INTE FÖRSTÅR ATT KONSENSUS ÄR EN POLITISK TERM, INTE VETENSKAPLIG.

Inte heller förstår de Archimedes princip, Jordens historia och geologi troligen förstår de nada av följande:


Lämplig början på att lära sig det samtliga undertecknare av artikeln missade i klass 4-9 Grundskolan:
Fakta om jorden

Watts Up With That?

polarbear_billboard The reality is: polar bears are doing better than 50 years ago

From the University of Washington and the department of unbearable press releases:

First global review on the status, future of Arctic marine mammals

For Arctic marine mammals, the future is especially uncertain. Loss of sea ice and warming temperatures are shifting already fragile Northern ecosystems.

The precarious state of those mammals is underscored in a multinational study led by a University of Washington scientist, published this week in Conservation Biology, assessing the status of all circumpolar species and subpopulations of Arctic marine mammals, including seals, whales and polar bears. The authors outline the current state of knowledge and their recommendations for the conservation of these animals over the 21st century.

”These species are not only icons of climate change, but they are indicators of ecosystem health, and key resources for humans,” said lead author Kristin Laidre, a…

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This is what a scholar of mine taught us at Linköping’s University and what I have used illustrating facts about our Earth ever since:

Earth diameter Earth’s diameter is 12,756 km at the equator. (Earth’s radius is half of that)

Maximum height and maximum depth
Earth’s highest mountain, Mount Everest is ; 8848 meters high .( In other words, 8 km 848 m)
The Earth’s deep Challangerdjupet in Mariner grave, Pacific Ocean, 11034 meter deep. (In other words 11 km 34 meter)

If you on a model of Earth use 10 km = 1 mm then you will have this figure…

Please observe the minimi brown resp minimi blue dot. The brown dot represent Mount Everest (in this scale 1 mm) and the blue the Mariner Grave (in this scale 1 mm) Please note scale Earth radie 6 378 km where each km is represented by 1 mm on map. We humans never gone deeper than Mariner Grave no matter that we visited our Moon and sent rockets far beyond….

Please observe the minimi brown resp minimi blue dot. The brown dot represent Mount Everest (in this scale 1 mm) and the blue the Mariner Grave (in this scale 1 mm)
Please note scale Earth radie 6 378 km where each km is represented by 1 mm on map.
We humans never gone deeper than Mariner Grave no matter that we visited our Moon and sent rockets far beyond….

Please remember
Man has made it to the moon is about 384,392 km (average distance) away. Few research projects have been able to get down to that depth. The reason is that the pressure increases with depth.

For more info on: Fakta om Jorden (Unfortunatly not translated into English)

Watts Up With That?

Guest essay by Eric Worrall


In the real world, Antarctic ice is growing at a ferocious rate, hitting a new record extent every other year. But on planet Green, Antarctic ice is melting at a dangerous rate.
According to MensJournal;

”Global Warming Opens Up Antarctic Waterways – On February 13, a yachting crew from Poland sailed its 67-foot sloop, Selma, to a latitude in Antarctica’s Bay of Whales that’s traditionally frozen solid, and only navigable by icebreaker. It was a hundred miles farther south than anyone had ever taken a sailboat. Temperatures hovered around zero degrees Fahrenheit (it’s the height of summer in the south pole) as the crew took turns hacking a heavy layer of frost that coated the ship’s deck and rails. A storm briefly sent twenty-foot waves in their path, but the surface was calm when Selma finally ran out of sea. ”We touched the ice of…

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If it walks like a dog and barks like a dog,
I suggest we call ”it” a dog.
the Global Warming Policy Foundation is not a World Goverment nor a respectable Science Society. For the later it takes understanding that reality rules, consensus is a political not a scientific term. The foundation lack all knowledge of and doesn’t respect of Theories of Science

People and Foundations are allowed to be stupied. I don’t think it’s wise to show off being stupied….. do you?

In Sweden media seems to have been indoctrinated…. in other words as elsewhere around the world – people forgotten what erosion is – water erosion, wind erosion, temperature erosion….. and so on.

Paradiset som dränks i vatten, Aftonbladet Eva Franchells ledarkrönika 18 mars 2015

Facts not Political Fiction or Pseudoscience
Erosion is a Natural Force process occuring over time. Everywhere around our Globe coasts and land is effected by Erosion Forcesn, wind, temperature, wave and gravitational erosion are the main erosion sources.

Depending on the grounds that ‘country’ is on, so obviously varies erosion impacts on land near areas quite independent of the kind of erosion that in each case is the strongest erosion source. Roughly speaking, it is possible to say that erosion on rock especially old rock types such as granite is smaller than erosion where ground is coral atolls, sand and soil. But it’s obvious.Erosion

The quality in knowledge seems to been lost same time people started to believe that political science/pseudoscience is worth a dime. It isn´t….

Watts Up With That?

The Small Print The Royal Society Left Out

Royal_Society_350_logo_400x175[1]London, 16 March: A new briefing paper published by the Global Warming Policy Foundation has accused the Royal Society of presenting a misleading picture of climate science.

The briefing, entitled The Small Print: What the Royal Society left out, challenges claims made in the Royal Society’s recently published Short Guide to Climate Science, and demonstrates how the Society has left out many important facts, caveats and doubts on subjects as varied as the causes of climate change, extreme weather and the role of the Sun.

“As an example, the Royal Society addresses the question of why Antarctic sea ice is growing,” says Prof Ross McKitrick, the chairman of the GWPF’s Academic Advisory Council, “but in doing so they present a recently proposed hypothesis as if it were settled science. Failing to admit when the answer to an important question is…

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If you don’t understand basic facts re. Earth’s natural forces, such as Erosion for example regarding erosion effect on corall atolls,
then of course there always is a problem…. 🙂 pause or no pause…..

Same laughable modeling ”theory” probably is behind the forgotten Erosion problem the Alarmists and the Modelling so called scholars never have understood…. 🙂


An article in Swedish newspaper tells of President Anote Tong of Kiribati, a coral island country…., who calls for help (!!!????!!!) stop ”the Climate change”
Some people never learn to understand Natural Forces and that coral isn’t as hard as granite 😛

Sjunkande land vädjar om hjälp, SvD 9 mars 2015

Watts Up With That?

COLLEGE PARK, Md. — An analysis of changes to the climate that occur over several decades suggests that these changes are happening faster than historical levels and are starting to speed up. The Earth is now entering a period of changing climate that will likely be faster than what’s occurred naturally over the last thousand years, according to a new paper in Nature Climate Change, committing people to live through and adapt to a warming world.

In this study, interdisciplinary scientist Steve Smith and colleagues at the Department of Energy’s Pacific Northwest National…

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As I written in my comment below:

El Niño????
Where and when?

I guess: The answer my friend, is blowing in the wind…..

Watts Up With That?

When I got this press release from NOAA a few minutes ago, the first thing I did was check the NOAA NESDIS sea surface temperature map for the tell-tale El Niño pattern signature, because NOAA didn’t include any SST graphic in the press release. I sure don’t see an El Niño pattern in today’s SST product.SST-03-03-15Now, compare today’s product to the one from August 27th, 2009, when there actually was an El Niño, something they reference in the press release.

SST-08-27-2009Source: http://www.ospo.noaa.gov/data/sst/anomaly/2009/anomnight.8.27.2009.gif

Seems like a reach to me, especially when the report referenced in the PR says:

Overall, these features are consistent with borderline, weak El Niño conditions.

Update: Confusion anyone? AP’s Seth Borenstein got this quote from the NOAA staffer quoted in the PR and tweeted it:

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Dr. Willie soon might be right and Aran commenting below article might be wrong or vice versa. That’s not the point. The point is that sound Science always acknowledge that God is God and Man is Man, no matter if the scientist believe in God or not.

In the words Human is Human and not without faults and defects the essense of Science is shown: If you believe in a human produced thesis, remember that others not beliving same way as you has same rights as you do and are worth same as you. It’s by using sound Science methods and valid arguments, not Fallacies, You show that you are a scientist. Not by using Ad Hoc, Ad Hominem and even worse.

Facts that AWG-believers should be aware of

Does anyone have any idea who it was who measured temperatured at the North and South poles before they are visited by humans becomming Famous Explorers? In the case of the North Pole it’s worse. True scientific data have not been able to measure before 1969 …..

So how is it now with http://maps.grida.no/go/graphic/trends-in-arctic-temperature-1880-2006 that been presented as arctic temperatures?

Before Peary and Henson reached the North Pole in 1909 might possibly Cock been there the year before. But the first scientific survey on foot up to the North Pole, the world had to wait until 1969 for

How it is possible for any serious researcher stating that he/she has scientific data measured in the Arctic, other than in the outer areas near the Arctic Ocean from the years 1880 to 1968……

Some then try to use observations coming from ice cores …… It’s just that ice in the Arctic never is located in same place over years. The centrifugal force and underwater natural circulation that allows all the water seek out lower and lowest point in its environment means that if you drill straight down so you may not find out how it looked on the site even 10 years earlier. Erosion, wind and tempeatur, and volcanic eruptions as well as nuclear explosions also accompanied by variation in the fallen snow makes it there with ice cores over longer periods in some cases may be an indication but never a proof.

Please observe the minimi brown resp minimi blue dot. The brown dot represent Mount Everest (in this scale 1 mm) and the blue the Mariner Grave (in this scale 1 mm) Please note scale Earth radie 6 378 km where each km is represented by 1 mm on map. We humans never gone deeper than Mariner Grave no matter that we visited our Moon and sent rockets far beyond….

Please observe the minimi brown resp minimi blue dot. The brown dot represent Mount Everest (in this scale 1 mm) and the blue the Mariner Grave (in this scale 1 mm)
Please note scale Earth radie 6 378 km where each km is represented by 1 mm on map.
We humans never gone deeper than Mariner Grave no matter that we visited our Moon and sent rockets far beyond….

AWG-belivers forgotten….
AWG-believers forgotten:
In Theories of Science it’s never ever possible to prove a thesis right. Only to falsify a thesisTheories of Science – Basic knowledge

That those who made AWG their faith forgotten first paragraph in Human Rights is obvious.
Article 1.
All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.

not to mention that they forgotten or never acknowledged/understood
Thou shalt have no other gods before me

God have never chosen Man to be God. God never selected a group of Scientists to be the only one understanding anything. AWG is a political neither a sound Science belief nor a ”gift” given by God to Humans who believe themselves to be above others. Why shouldn’t every human who really believe in God at least try to understand God’s words?

Watts Up With That?

Screen-shot-2015-02-22-at-11.17.18-AM-321x214Via Heartland press release:

Dr. Willie Soon of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics released the following statement through The Heartland Institute in response to repeated attacks on his character and scientific integrity.

All media inquires should be directed to Heartland Institute Director of Communications Jim Lakely at jlakely@heartland.org, 312/377-4000 or (cell) 312/731-9364. For more information about Dr. Willie Soon see this page: Heartland.org/willie-soon. To see a previous statement about Willie Soon by Heartland Institute President Joseph Bast, click here.

“In recent weeks I have been the target of attacks in the press by various radical environmental and politically motivated groups. This effort should be seen for what it is: a shameless attempt to silence my scientific research and writings, and to make an example out of me as a warning to any other researcher who may dare question in the slightest their fervently held orthodoxy of anthropogenic…

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