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Leidarvisir och borgaskipan delivered to Pope in 1134:

Sea between Markland and Vinland mentioned by Nicholas Bergthorsson in Leidarvisir och borgaskipan written in first half 1100’s. One copy was given to the Pope 1134) (IEJ July 2015: Please note that a Diss was published 2012 dealing with Leidarvisir, see below)

Leidarvisir and borgaskipan: ”… North of Germany is Denmark. Ocean extending into the Baltic Sea, near Denmark. Sweden is east of Denmark and Norway in the north. North of Norway’s Finnmark. … Beyond Greenland, southward, there Helluland and beyond it Markland, from there it is not far to Vinland. which some people think stretching all the way to Africa. England and Scotland is an island but is separate kingdoms. Iceland is a large island to the north of Ireland …. ”
From Biarmaland northward all the way until you reach Greenland. South of Greenland lies Helluland, then Markland , then it is not far to Vinland the Good. Which some believe extends to Africa. and if that’s true, the sea must extend between Vinland and Markland..…
Proof of early contacts Greenland – North America

In Sweden we have the final proof that the Norse-Greenlandic Vikings not only visited L’anse Meadow on Newfoundland but also had knowledge of ALL of North America from Mexico over Mississippi Missouri; the islands south of NA in Mexican Golf and from Mississippi Missouri all coast round Florida up as well as Labrador and Hudson Bay…..
Final proof?
Well let’s look at the Official records for when each part of NA was explored and remember that the final proof not only prove that NA was wellknown but also had seen a carthograph drawing land on a map.

But let’s start with the Official exloration history…

Official history:

1492 Columbus first voyage reached somewhere in Bahaman Islands
1492 November Columbus reached an island he named Dominica and sailed around some time from island to island.

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