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Min egen kommentar i wattsupwiththat och här Mother Nature proven Theories of Science more valid than Theories of Politic Ideas…..
Jag hade alltså fel när jag skrev Vetenskapsteori tycks vara underordnat politisk teori Över alltihopa lyser Moder Sol, Norah4you 16 december 2013 Jordens politiska feber går kanske snabbt över i uppsving för fårindustrin 😉 Kommer att behövas mycket ull till kläder framöver……

Watts Up With That?

By Joe Bastardi

‘Twas the week before Christmas, when all through the news,
There were reports of record cold, so many were confused.
Told global warming is why we should care,
And that the point of no return would soon be here.

The children were bombarded with tales of dread,
While visions of climate disasters were stuck in each little head.
And mamma in her Prius, and I on my bike,
To save the planet, got rid of the cars that we like.

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