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First of all I do believe that US’s laws as well as US Constitution can be said to be better than Swedish. Why? Need I say more than that while Sweden as well as US is flooding with illegal vapon of all kind, for one we female here in Sweden aren’t even allowed by law to use a peppar spray or have it in our pocket in case we are attacked or worse….

That’s the easy part on one hand. I do believe that in a world looking like our, at least some kind of defending vapons needs to be allowed.

And as I wrote above in Sweden as well as in US illegal vapon is flooding all over. Having belonged to Sweden’s Air Force 17 years in 1900’s while working or studying full time at same time, I do believe that a country, any country need to have strong willingness to defend not only all it’s ”land” but also it’s inhabitants….
and I would have loved to have the strong forbid US have for those who been in jail to own a gun as a law here in Sweden….

But and that’s my split vision: Who believe that most of the terrorists and extremists wanting to kill other humans go buying for example a gun or a pistol over desk? I am not sure, or rather I pretty sure that stronger vapon laws prevents mass-killings of any kind.

On the other hand, I don’t believe that any country’s founders of a constitution in the past either here in Sweden or in US could have thought of vapons not existing or thought of when a constitution was written or voted to become a constitution.

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