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Ukraine’s nationalists are trying to steal not only Russian but also Swedish History.

Medieval Prince Vladimir deepens Russia-Ukraine split, BBC 28 July 2015

That’s not many things that makes me so angry as when a group of nationalists without history of their own tries to steal other ethnic groups history. Written about the Same’s and the Finn’s trying to steal the old Kven’s History more than once. Also written about those in NA trying to steal Scandinavian Viking’s History. Ukraine’s nationalists in goverment and media are the worst I ever heard of apart from Hitler’s Nazists. Ukraine never ever existed as a country before Modern Age! The language of Ukraine is derived from Russian and Gothic language. It’s documented as late as in early 14th century that Russian and a Rus-Gothic language was spoken in Ukraine areas by most people. Ukrainic language was starting to be formed, but still those who spoke that were only a few as they were long after the Ottoman Empire had taken control over most of Ukraine’s soil of today


The Russian Ukrainian history dating back to Ruriks grandchildren’s time. Note that the sequence of events surrounding the Rurik is documented in at least one contemporary source Rimberts Vita Ansgarii. Events but not the names of the Varangians and Swedish Rus. From Rimbert’s writing (round 865 AD) on forward up to today 2015, there hardly exist one modern state where the old history is as well documented as that of the country of Ukraine – a modern constructed state not an old one!

Btw. Crimea’s Russian and Swedish history of the Crim goes back to 300’s and is documented in contemporary sources…

”Ukraine”‘s true history

Ukraine didn’t exist as a country in Modern Age! Ukraine’s history is a Swedish Russian history well documented from 865 AD In mid 860’s Rimbert wrote Vita Ansgarii in honor of Ansgar/Anskar who in Swedish history is said to have made Sweden a Christian…

Visa originalinlägg 530 fler ord

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