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A subjective assumption is a subjective assumption. Often the subjective assumption of an implied condition that is not proven. Or all invidual premisses needed for the assumption to be valid hasn’t been analyses one by one.
The implied condition may be false or true . Before substantiated by independent (!) Facts and Analyse of all known facts, any assumption is to be valued as a subjective assumption. No matter who presented and/or put forward the assumption, assertion or thesis the assumption is to be regarded as false.
Fallacies in argumentation, Fallacies of Assumtion

Assumtion 1:
Abbott is assumed to ‘shirt-front’ Putin.

Abbott Disappoints the World, Doesn’t ‘shirt-front’ Putin”, theusdaily 11/11/14

Due to the False assumption Swedish newspapers presented the assumption as it had been what’s happened….

Putin pekas ut som medansvarig för nedskjutet flygplan, DN 11 november 2014 Tendency and Purpose behind such assumption? Well DN, Dagens Nyheter aren’t filled with journalists who check their sources 🙂

Abbot: Putin är ansvarig för MH17-kraschen, Aftonbladet via omin.se 12 november 2014

Assumtion 2
Almost all media have gone into orbit assuming that it’s proven that President Putin had his ”finger” in the cakemixing resulting in the Malayasia Airlines MH17 being shut down.

First of all: Russian Constitution isn’t the same as the Constitution of the Sovjet Republic was. Today A president of Russia needs to have OK from the Russian Duma to take military actions abroad.
Secondly: In a large country where some kind of democracy is found in the constitution, it’s the same as in a class room in a school – while it’s possible that the tutor has had an impact on a student’s illegal actions, it’s also possible that the parents of the child has had. No leader from micro to macro level can without direct proof be assumed to be responsible for all actions individuals ”under” him/her take.

Whenever a theory/hypothesis is put forward , the arguments for the hypothesis can be valid or invalid . But it’s more complex than that: It is important to know, that the arguments put forward may be valid but still only leading up to a scientifically untrue conclusion. One of the more famous fallacy exemples is also known as the proof that the moon is a cheese.Fallacies in argumentation, Fallacy of assumtion

The world we inherited face many problems there is no need to create/present false conclusions when proof is lacking. We are all humans. Humans make mistakes due to each person’s own ”bag pack” not being the same as one or any others. No matter if we like or dislike a person we better try to remember that we might be the one making a mistake that starts a line of dreadful misunderstanding in the long run. God gives what we need, not always what we pray for.

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