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rape a female, no matter how young, anything but a man. A real man accept responsibility for his actions. So do women. This is essential for those women and men who tries to blame the victim for the rape to remember:

* Woman and man are born equal and free. Being born equal calls for being treated by respect!

* A woman can’t be blamed for actions taken or undertaken by anyone, man or woman, who hurts the woman being blamed.

* Only cowards and those who haven’t understood that Ad Hominem and Ad Hoc never ever can be used as an argument tries to blame a victim.

* Rape is rape no matter under what circumstanses. No matter how the girl was dressed or how she might have acted.

I am by no means a red-stocking nor a blue-stocking. All I am is deeply shocked anyone can put the blame of a girl, especially when the rapers are football players. If you want to be a raw-model earning lots of money, act like one!
Steubenville Rape Case: Student in online video leaves Ohio State, lawyer cites threats, cbsnews.com January 9 2013

Swedish media: Fosterföräldrar sluter upp bakom spelarna, Aftonbladet 9 januari 2013

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