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Here in Sweden there is a race between Socialists (Socialdemokratic Party) who need Greens and Lefties in order to beat sitting Primar Minister of Sweden (A Conservative leading a block of four non-Socialistic Paries). The Green Party especially is longing for these alternative instead of Nuclear Power (but also instead of Water power).
Mind you. The Socialist’s leader Löfven believes it to be correct not to give an information re his and his party’s opinion BEFORE election. Here in Sweden the Opposition call voters to vote blindly…..
Oklara svar om energi, GP Ledarsidan

Watts Up With That?

Ed Hoskins has done an analysis of cost ratios, and no matter what your viewpoint of economics might be, the numbers here don’t lie. Without being propped up by subsidies, solar and wind aren’t even in the race as their competitiveness leaves them at the starting line while cheap natural gas (aided by fracking) runs laps around the race course. He writes:


In summary, the figures show that these three major nations of the Western world have spent about ~$0.5trillion to create Renewable Energy electrical generation capacity nominally amounting to ~5.8% of their total generation. This capacity could be reproduced using conventional natural gas fired electrical generation for ~$31 billion or ~1/16 of the costs expended.

The data by table:


Solar energy is about ~34 times the cost of comparable standard Gas Fired generation, whereas Wind-Power is only ~12 times the comparable cost.

Had conventional Gas Fired technology had been…

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