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Börjar undra om man skall skratta eller gråta? Nivån på de sk. forskarna och deras experiment/studier blir lägre och lägre. Undrar om ens en 9:e klassare hade fått godkänt i biologi, geografi och fysik på så låg nivå vid utförandet av studier?

För att inte tala om att underlag för slutsatser dragits från mycket suspekta beräkningar grundade på 1981-fantasters hypotes om hur beräkningar av temperatur skall ske:

Det är på den låga vetenskapliga nivån som IPCC:s klimatpanel grundar sina slutsatser…..
Stackars s… på IPCC – de som idag presenterar Slutrapport om klimatet presenteras, SvD 2 oktober 2014 Busted redan innan rapporten ligger på bordet.

Kommer någon av Er ihåg förra årets värstingar ned det gäller låg kvalité på forskning?

Nature had 2 – 0 in ‘game’ with so called CO2 experts…. now it’s close to 3 – 0….. Snow weather delay rescue…..
Some old song lines comes to mind…. …when will they ever learn…

Reality exceeds poems, Norah4you 28 december 2013

An Antarctic blizzard has halted an Australian icebreaker’s bid to reach a Russian ship trapped for a week with 74 people onboard, rescuers said on Monday.

The Aurora Australis had to return to open waters about 18 nautical miles from the stranded Akademik Shokalskiy because of poor visibility, the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA), which is co-ordinating the rescue, told Reuters
A Chinese icebreaker, the Snow Dragon, has been halted by thick ice within sight of the ship. The Snow Dragon had a helicopter on board that could be used to rescue passengers if the Aurora Australis failed to get through, AMSA said earlier, but the aircraft was grounded by the snow.

”We can’t fly a helicopter in these conditions either. There is essentially nothing we can do at this point of time,” Martin said.

The Aurora Australis would have to wait for the weather to improve before a second rescue attempt, she added.Rescue of Akademik Shokalskiy stopped by Antarctic blizzard, cbc news Dec 30, 2013 12:35 AM ET quote from Antartic news early 30 december

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While reading an excellent bloggarticle on wattsupwiththat, I noticed a link that say all about the CO2-alarmists incapacity of theories of Science. Read the quotes and links below as well as The planetary tidal influence on climate fiasco strong armed science tactics are overkill due process would work better, wattsupwiththat.com 2014/01/17 the discussion there is more than interesting…

Please remember that supressing true facts aren’t the best way of putting forward an unrealistic scenario!

extraordinary news, the scientific journal Pattern Recognition in Physics has been unexpectedly terminated, a “drastic decision” taken just ten months after it started.

The publisher appears to be shocked that in a recent special issue the scientists expressed doubt about the accelerated warming predicted by the IPCC. For the crime of not bowing before the sacred tabernacle, apparently the publishers suddenly felt the need to distance themselves, and in the most over-the-top way. The reasons they gave had nothing to do with the data, the logic, and they cite no errors. There can be no mistake, this is about enforcing a permitted line of thought.Science paper doubts IPCC so whole journal gets terminated, joannenova.com.aug 2014 january A skeptic blogg. Yes, so one needs to go back to basic. True origin lines from journal itself….

Please read the text of the journal:
Recently, a special issue was compiled entitled “Pattern in solar variability, their planetary origin and terrestrial impacts”. Besides papers dealing with the observed patterns in the heliosphere, the special issue editors ultimately submitted their conclusions in which they “doubt the continued, even accelerated, warming as claimed by the IPCC project” (Pattern Recogn. Phys., 1, 205–206, 2013).

Copernicus Publications published the work and other special issue papers to provide the spectrum of the related papers to the scientists for their individual judgment. Following best practice in scholarly publishing, published articles cannot be removed afterwards.

We at Copernicus Publications wish to distance ourselves from the apparent misuse of the originally agreed aims & scope of the journal and decided on 17 January 2014 to cease the publication of PRP. Of course, scientific dispute is controversial and should allow contradictory opinions which can then be discussed within the scientific community. However, the recent developments including the expressed implications (see above) have led us to this drastic decision
Termination of the journal Pattern Recognition in Physics, Pattern recognistion in physics january 2014

As I written before:
”Weather is and has always been a much more complicated thing to make a forecast of than CO2-believers have understood. There are so many more factors involved than are included in so called data models.

Please observe this:
Extent for North Pole Ice 31 december 2013 12.341.252 km2

Compare this with the Area of United States of America approx 9.830.000 km2
This gives us the fact that the Sea Ice Extent in North Pole in 31 december 2013 was more than 125 % of US total land area..

Please notice that the estimated figures for Ice Bear north the pole circle is 20-22,000…. this means that each Ice Bear have approximated 560 km2 each to walk on without having to meet an other Ice Bear.

That might not seem a lot when using the scale above. But please remember that the area for New York City is 1.213 km2 which gives a figure af close to half the area of New York City for each individual Polar Bear to walk on.

So Greenpeace and WWF ought to rethink the need for ‘saving the Polar Bears’ and to present where on Earth the collected money has been used!

Please tell us: Where have all the money gone? Money collected due to false information of reality.

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Can’t help not understanding how it’s possible for so many alarmists around the world not to have learnt the Archimedes’ principle every student must have been taught not once but several times 😛

That fools don’t listen nor comprehend the impacts of the stupid ‘experts’ travelling to Antarctica in order to prove melting Polar Ice but instead being stucked up in SUMMER ice when their ship froze into ice…… well Reality exceeds poems No questions in that respect…..:

Record cold doesn’t disprove global warming, CNN January 7 2014 Might be true – but Human history does! In 980 – 1431 AD the Greenlanders had warmer as did all in Northern hemisphere before the so called Little Ice Age There never ever been a risk of human caused global warming!


, simple explanation

Archimedes’ principle is a physical law known since Archimedes’ days:
All objects reduced, pressed or held down in liquid puch away the equvivalent size of the object’s mass.
Please observe that it’s a difference between weight due to gravity and mass. While both can be using the same ‘weight’ in daily speaking, the former isn’t a physical term.
* Mass, measured in kilogram is the amount of material the object in question has.
* Weight is the gravititational influence on an object. That’s a forse and due to that weight is measured in Newton.

In ordinary life the differences aren’t clear. Kilogram/Pounds/Stones is used in daily speaking for both.

Archimedes principle goes for ice-cub in drinks as well as for Ice shields due to Ice Age as well as for Boats or Ice sheet in Sea and remains of Ice Ages long ago such as Glaciars on land! When Ice melt the melted Ice never ever will rise levels neither in drink-glasses nor in Sea! Landrise which is a retarded movement starts at once. Following a quicker uprise-curve in beginning – slowing down over time.
For more information re. Archimes principle Archimedes principle, Encyclopedia Brittanica

California Coastal Commission to solicit input on Global warming driven sea level policy document, Wattsupwiththat 2014/01/08

The bloggarticle refers to a pdf-file: DRAFT Sea-Level Rise Policy Guidance, The California Coastal Commission Announces the Release of Draft Sea-Level Rise Policy Guidance for Public Review Please notice that they say the commentperiod October 14 2013 – January 15 2014<span style In other words they have made comments on days to come….. I didn’t know that California Coastal Commission had skills to predict weather for following days edited long before the document been published! Fortunetellers from star-positions or what?

Well the Elderly used to say: fools and extremists never learn ….. might be correct.

More who have forgotten the basic they once been taught….. Carbon storage: How does soil store CO2?, Science20.com January 8th 2014
EU Commission seeks March start for CO2 permit withdrawal, Reuters 8 jan 2014
the worst dravel I have read for a long long time: Don’t shoot the climate change messenger, the Sydney Morning Herald january 9 2014 Are they real? Or a they trying to save spent money?

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At the same time Polarwinds once again hit US, the so called experts of CO2 on an mission to study South Pole’s presumed melting and open water found the summer in South Pole more than hard…. the Ice Extent in North Pole by all means was less than some years but still showed figures the CO2-threat believers tried and still tries not to mention……

‘It’s too darn cold’: Historic freeze brings rare danger warning, CNN 2014/01/06 Historic? By all means NO. But the situation doesn’t happen every year only once or twice each person’s lifetime! Please check for correct information still existing on microfiche in Newpapaper’s archives….
Polar Vortex: Temperatures Fall Far, Fast, NYT 2014/01/07
Rekordkölden greppar hårt om norra USA, DN 7 januari 2013

Weather is and has always been a much more complicated thing to make a forecast of than CO2-believers have understood. There are so many more factors involved than are included in so called data models.

Please observe this:
Extent for North Pole Ice 31 december 2013 12.341.252 km2

Compare this with the Area of United States of America approx 9.830.000 km2
This gives us the fact that the Sea Ice Extent in North Pole in 31 december 2013 was more than 125 % of US total land area..

Please notice that the estimated figures for Ice Bear north the pole circle is 20-22,000…. this means that each Ice Bear have approximated 560 km2 each to walk on without having to meet an other Ice Bear.

That might not seem a lot when using the scale above. But please remember that the area for New York City is 1.213 km2 which gives a figure af close to half the area of New York City for each individual Polar Bear to walk on.

So Greenpeace and WWF ought to rethink the need for ‘saving the Polar Bears’ and to present where on Earth the collected money has been used!North Pole Sea Ice Extent 31 dec 2013, Norah4you 2014/01/05

Polarvindar över USA håller isbjörn inomhus, SvD 7 januari 2013 Hur många av världens 20-22.000 isbjörnar har den lyxen? Isbjörnen har aldrig haft de problem som människor velat ge dem. Däremot har isbjörnar problem med alla små partiklar som vår plastanvändning lämnar i havsvattnet.

What we know about Earth
Earth as we know it is 12 756 km in diameter at the equator.
If you take a rope and let 10 km be equal to 1 cm, half the diameter will be 6 meter and 37,8 cm long. Using the rope to draw a circle in sand you will have a large circle. But it’s only the outher parts that we humans have investigated directly. For example Mount Everest can be represented by a small ‘bup’ 0,85 cm high and the Mariner Grave a 1,09 cm down-bup from the line….

We humans have knowledge, to some extent, of what’s inside. We can calculate the Earth’s gravity (oh well the latter has recently been discussed due to black material) and we know what the Earth’s interior largely composed. We know of a number of natural forces, physical laws and mathematical calculation. But by and large, what we know about the Earth can be represented of the outher parts of your drawn circle.

Turisterna stannar inne i kylan, GP 7 januari 2013
Iskyla i centrala USA, Aftonbladet 7 januari 2013

Interesting bloggarticle to be discussed: Does cold wave imply anything about, cliffmass.blogspot.se

Bye bye CO2-threat! Good to see you gone. Time to look into real human made crises. Such as not polluting our water and air. That’s a real problem!

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Background for article
What I learnt from the programs mentioned below
A lot of young, young mature as well as educated people under age 50 today lack knowledge enough to understand texts they read. That’s a big problem.
An even worse problem is that a lot of young, young mature as well educated people under age 50 today lack understanding of Mathematic basics. Such as ‘reading’ and understanding Mathematical curves, Statistic and so on.
Article below is written based on this starting point
for more please read note 1


© Johansson Inger E, North Pole and South Pole Ice Extent Impact and understanding, Gothenburg 5th January 2014

Arctic Sea Ice Extent   31 december 2013 source: http://www.ijis.iarc.uaf.edu/en/home/seaice_extent.htm

Arctic Sea Ice Extent
31 december 2013
source: http://www.ijis.iarc.uaf.edu/en/home/seaice_extent.htm

The image above from Arctic Sea Ice Extent, ijis.iarc.uaf.edu is a typical exemple of what all who study Mathematical Statistics are taught not to use. It’s an image not showing the correct proportions. For those who can read curves that might not be an issue. For those who can’t it is.


What’s is important to understand reading the curves is the simple fact that Pole Ice Extent in North Pole as well as South Pole depend on season. Each year the summer ‘heat’ warms up the air and the surface so the Ice Extent decline. Each year the winter ‘colder temperatures’ makes the Ice Extent incline.


Please note that the curves not presenting all facts from actual readings from 1980’s up to now. From Theories of Science view this is an red alert at once.

Neither does is it possible to read from image if the reading of a certain day is made at same hour each day or if it’s an average figure counted from max minus min values or if it’s the max or min value of the day. From Theories of Science view this is an red alert at once.

Also please note that the figures, no matter how they are measured calculated and presented, are from readings made by satellites. What can be measured from satellites are reflexion of ice extent. Not actual extent due to the fact that there are large areas in Arctic as well as Antarctic where there during summertime (in Antarctic when it’s winter in Arctic) often exists melted water up to 20 cm over ice no matter if it’s thin ice or several metre thick sea ice. From Theories of Science view this is an red alert!

Same goes for temperature measurements made by satellites. You can’t get temperatures 2 meters above surface nor can you get the actual figures from under the Ice sheet. All correct figures also needs to be taken at same GPS-point no matter when.

If you are accurate you need to do the reading at same time every day. If you don’t or if you try to ”correct” figures, well that’s no Science involved at all. In Theories of Science this is one of the worst fallacies. A circle proof can never ever prove anything of value. That’s one thing every scholar, scientist or otherwise should have learnt before writing a Master thesis…..


Please observe this:
Extent for North Pole Ice 31 december 2013 12.341.252 km2

Compare this with the Area of United States of America approx 9.830.000 km2
This gives us the fact that the Sea Ice Extent in North Pole in 31 december 2013 was more than 125 % of US total land area..

Please notice that the estimated figures for Ice Bear north the pole circle is 20-22,000…. this means that each Ice Bear have approximated 560 km2 each to walk on without having to meet an other Ice Bear.

That might not seem a lot when using the scale above. But please remember that the area for New York City is 1.213 km2 which gives a figure af close to half the area of New York City for each individual Ice Bear to walk on.

So Greenpeace and WWF ought to rethink the need for ‘saving the Ice Bears’ and to present where on Earth the collected money has been used!

***************** It’s always good to have the facts correct.
***************** If not, it’s not science but subjective thoughts.

Note 1: correct information regarding why CO2 is measured on vulcanos
Swedish Channel 10 showed a BBC-dokumentary from 2013. In Sweden called Hotet från Mega-TsunamisHotet från Mega-Tsunamis, TV10.se

From geologic facts such as readings of CO2 (please look at the white instrument left of a man, image 1 of 5) placed all round the world on side of vulcanos by geologists used measuser the differences in CO2 in order to be able to predict uprising threats from vulcanos (!) Please remember that all our Earth thousand vulcanos from early days over their active eruptions and still when ‘dead’ vulcano erupts CO2 into the air.

Information re failures of School System in US and Sweden
Also shown on Swedish TV, Channel 4+, was Waiting for ”Superman” An American documentary by David Guggenheim in 2010. The documentary Waiting for Superman analyzes the failure of American Public School system.

The problems shown in the documentary were almost identical to those of Swedens School System. All schools in Sweden are to follow our School Law as well as our official decided Course plans. In Sweden as well as in US we do have Kommunala skolor Public Schools here owned by our towns/ municipalities as well as Friskolor Independent Schools.

ALL schools of Sweden have to follow the decided Course plans. Earlier all schools in Sweden that weren’t Private Schools were under our Swedish States parasolle. Back in 8 december 1989 our Swedish Riksdag Parliament on suggestion of our Minister of Education at the time Göran Persson, later to become Swedish Prime Minister, to place all schools under each town’s/municipalitie’s parasolle.

Thus making it unfair to students in our Grundskola due to the fact that each town/municipality has own rights according to Swedish Grundlaw Constitution to decide on how much money to spend on each town's/municipality's accounts. Using "cheese planner" and "cake server" the amount of money spent on each student today depends on the will of each town/municipality. We do have same problems in class rooms and schools as seen in US.

The learning in a classroom always depends on the teacher's education and commitment as well as on the possibility in class to have good atmosphere, in other word peace and respect. There are good teachers and bad.

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Same procedure as last year?
same procedure as every year, James
” in Sweden a tradition for 50 years watching what we call ‘Grevinnan och betjänten’. (No idea what the English origin’s title is)

Can’t helping remembering those two quotes in relation to those so called scholars now saved using more CO2 themselves than normally occurs during any summer in the Antarctic…. but still less open ice than 100 years ago when the exploring of the Antarctic were the new science. Those were the days.

And there are, believe it or not, still media around our World helping those who hadn’t done their homework before heading to the Antarctic spreading non-correct informations ”round and around”:

As the planet marked its fourth hottest year on record, a study published in the journal Nature found increasing levels of carbon dioxide will lead to thinner ocean clouds and reduce their cooling impact, causing temperature rises of at least 5.6F (3C) over the course of the century.

The team of scientists said the findings show some climate models have been too “optimistic” and previous estimates of a minimum temperature rise of only 2.7F (1.5C) could now be discounted. The optimistic models did not properly assess the impact of water evaporation, which sometimes rises only a short distance into the atmosphere and causes updraughts that reduce cloud cover, the study found.

”These models have been predicting a lower climate sensitivity but we believe they’re incorrect,” Professor Steven Sherwood, from the University of New South Wales, told The Sydney Morning Herald.

”The net effect of [climate change] is you have less cloud cover.” Worlds climate warming faster than feard scientist say, telegraph.co.uk 7:14PM GMT 01 Jan 2014
They shouldn’t have tried the last part in the quote. The line regarding cloudes. Professor Steven Sherwood at least received his Bachelor degree in Physics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1987…. he seems to have forgotten all he once must have learnt….
What the so called scientist showed was lacking knowledge of the Watercycle…. Here in Sweden that one used to be taught in 3th grade and then again i 7th-9th grade…..

Water cycle

The watercycle
image from fredrikhumfryskolan.blogspot.se/2012_11_01)

(Wordlist in the end of the article note 1)
There please read:
Grundskoleboken – vattnets kretslopp (Grundskola = 1st to 9th grade – Water cycle)

a) Vad menas med att vattnet avdunstar? (What is meant by the water evaporates?)

b) Varför är solen så viktig för vattnets kretslopp? (Why is sun so important to the water cycle?)

c) Hur bildas det moln? (What form the cloud?
What is meant by the water evaporates?
Why is the sun so important to the water cycle?
What form the cloud?

Fastfrusna räddade från Antarktis, GP 2 januari 2014
Passagerare räddade ur fastfrusna fartyget, Expressen 2 januari 2014
Alla passagerarna räddade, Aftonbladet 2 januari 2014
Alla passagerarna räddade, SvD 2 januari 2014
Lyckad evakuering i Antarktis, DN 2 januari 2014

More quotes from the clowns

Professor: Stuck ship doesn’t mean much, cnn.com/video 2014/01/02 SO the ship doesn’t mean much. In other words risking several ships’s crew in attempt to save the so called scholars doesn’t ….. Not even in my dreams I would have thought it possible for any scholar to be so egocentric.
Btw WHO is Professor Stuck? Which Subject? His credentials with or without a CV doesn’t seem to show up on Google search….

The team was attempting to retrace the steps of geologist Douglas Mawson, who led the Australasian Antarctic expedition between 1911 and 1913, and also to examine how the pristine environment had fared after 100 years of climate changes.

Strong winds sweeping sea ice against one side of the ship pinned it in place at Commonwealth Bay on Christmas Eve.

An attempt on New Year’s Day to evacuate the passengers by helicopter was also abandoned because of heavy rain, strong winds and cloud.

“The best thing that can be said about Antarctica is that conditions are unpredictable,” Young said.Antarctic rescue: All 52 ship passengers airlifted to safety, the guardian 20137jan/03
”The best thing that can be said about Antarctica is that conditions are unpredictable,” said by someone who think/thought himself being capable to predict climate and weather the next 100 years. Some never seem to understand when they fallen from the colons on own words…. 😛

Quote from wattsupwiththat:
Reporting on the environmental movement has always required a certain sense of humor. In an earlier age, explorers who so badly underestimated the expanse of polar ice would surely have perished. But the 74 passengers and crew of the Akademik Shokalskiy are thriving. In this season of new beginnings we have here a chance to appreciate the amazing technologies created by free people. For they allow us to laugh at the folly of our fellow humans, rather than having to mourn their passing. –Editorial, The Wall Street Journal, 2 January 2014
Source: Newsbytes: Ship of fools resqued at last, wattsuwiththat 2014/01/02


I take it that most persons reading this are unaware of the fact that those clowns used readings re. CO2 from a vulcano, most of them choosed one in Hawaii…..
every vulcano on Earth produce CO2 not only while active but for all times to come. The amount of CO2 isn’t constant. It’s depending on the force with in the vulcano. When the fox counts the chickens, Norah4you 2010/08/10

Sasja Lundström skrev 2014-01-02 00:42: in Discus censured…
Please get your ”facts” streight!

Annual emmisions of carbon dioxide … (all metric)
… of man: 29 Gton
… of Mt. Etna: 4 – 25.5 Gton (avg. ~14 Gton)
… of Popocatepetl: 2.3 – 14.6 Gton
… of Oldoinyo Lengai: 2.6 Gton
… of Augustine: 2.2 Gton
… of Mt. St. Helens: 1.7 Gton
… of Stromboli: 1.1 Gton
… of Kilauea: 1 Gton
… of White Islands: 0.9 Gton

Source volcanoes: McClelland et al.
Source man: skepticalscience.com

Note! Values above are all estimates with one significant difference: those for the volcanoes are based on real measurements. The one of man is a pure computer product and therefore a very rough guess. (It isn’t difficult to realize why …) Also, skepticalscience.com is a pro AGW site, so twisted ”facts” are presented there.

Something important: Only a handful of total ~150 active volcanoes around the world are mentioned above, all above sea level. Dormant and ”dead” volcanoes also emit carbon dioxide! Furthermore, there are a large number of ”white” and ”black smokers” below sea level, all emitting carbon dioxide. A count is in progress and today no one know exactly how many that exist. (Real) Scientists are aware that there are a large number of them.

Adding natural decomposing processes we get aprox. 700 Gton/year representing 95-98% of the total annual carbon dioxide cycle.

This is something you should have learned in mandatory school …! Special thanks to Sasja.
I take it that you know that there are many hundreds of vulcanos under water not to mention those mentioned on land 🙂 😉 😛

Post scriptum:
round and around….. twist again, like we did last year… one of my own favorite tunes back in 60’s…..


Note 1:Havsvatten (Seawater)
avdunstning (evaporation)
kondensation (condensation)
nederbörd (precipitation)
transport (transport)
glaciär (glacier)
avrinning (runoff)
ytvatten (surface [water])
grundvatten (groundwater) [please note the difference in Swedish to: ]
markvatten (ground water) [ground water is the water close to the surface, while groundwater is the water deeper down where all water ends filtrated on land ends up]

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Some people never learn. Will they now?

Watts Up With That?

 An Icy Blast Of Scepticism Greets Climate Expedition

Rescuers in Antarctica have safely transferred all 52 passengers stranded on the ice-bound research vessel Akademik Shokalskiy. The Shokalskiy has been trapped since Christmas Eve. Its 22 crew are expected to remain on board to wait until the vessel becomes free. The ice-bound research vessel has been trapped since Christmas Eve. One of the aims is to track how quickly the Antarctic’s sea ice is disappearing. —BBC News, 2 January 2014

Visa originalinlägg 499 fler ord

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Some one ought to teach the so called experts writing in Nature what Science approach means…..

Latest stupidness:
……Despite the ambiguities, the exercise will make climate-risk analysis substantially more robust, says Johan Rockström, an expert on water resources at the University of Stockholm and director of the Stockholm Resilience Centre, who was not involved in the project.

“Impact models will never be able to provide the level of detail that ultimately matters for making a city or coastline climate-proof,” he says. “But they do serve as a first approximation to the severe problems deficient regions and nations are facing.”Water risk as world warms, nature.com 31 december 2013

Färre moln ger högre temperatur, SvD 1 januari 2014
quick translation Less clouds leads to higher temperatures. When will they ever learn?

Earlier blogarticle The ancient Romans, Norah4you 2013/12/31

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Since when does a scholar go without proper equipment when exploring or studying?
Mind you – no film script from Hollywood would have been belived had the scholar of climatology gone on a mission without equipment to make a proper weather forecast for the next day…

Watts Up With That?

Today, while shopping at lunchtime for some last minute year end supplies, I got one of the strangest cell-phone calls ever. It was from my friend John Coleman, the founder of the Weather Channel and Chief meteorologist at KUSI-TV in San Diego. He was calling via cell phone from his car, and he was on his way into the TV station early.

He started off by saying, ”Anthony, we have a really strange situation here”.

Then to my surprise, he relayed a conversation he had just had; a person on the Akademik Shokalskiy had reached out, because they didn’t have adequate weather data on-board. At first, I thought John was pulling my leg, but then as he gave more details, I realized he was serious.

Visa originalinlägg 1 016 fler ord

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Partying? What can one call a ship where fools calling themselves experts send film after film with partying people also complaining that the beer is running short? 😛 ”The beer is running short” – Problems in Antarctica, Norah4you 28 december 2013

”Rescue situation in Antarctic remains unchanged,” the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) said in an update on Wednesday. ”Helicopter unable to fly in current weather conditions. Raining in area & winds 20-30 knots.”

Australian authorities, who are coordinating the rescue, plan to use the helicopter on board the Chinese-flagged icebreaker Xue Long to bring 52 passengers off the boat, leaving behind its 22 crew members.

They would then be taken by barge from the Xue Long to the Aurora Australis.

AMSA said the latest information was that the Chinese vessel was ”moving and manoeuvring slowly around the ice”, allaying fears that the Xue Long had itself become trapped.

”The Rescue Coordination Centre has no information indicating they are stuck in the ice at this time,” spokeswoman Lisa Martin said.

Passengers on the stranded ship had been following in the footsteps of Australian Sir Douglas Mawson and his 1911-1914 expedition and they greeted the New Year with cheer, singing an anthem they wrote to ring in 2014.Winds, rain put Antarctic ship rescue on hold, Bangkokpost 1 Jan 2014 08.49 local time Bangkok GMT 01.49

Fortsatt väntan för fastfrusna, Helsingborgs Dagblad 1 jan 2014
Fortsatt väntan för fastfrusna, SvD 1 jan 2014
Lång väntan för fastfrusna, GP 1 jan 2014
Fortsatt väntan för fastfrusna, Aftonbladet 1 jan 2014

Funniest comments of 2013 is due to these clowns own actions (hm?) found in The Antarctic ‘reserach’ fiasco, ‘would you, could you, in a boat’?, wattsupwiththat 2013/12/30 :

Chuck Nolan says:
December 30, 2013 at 8:08 pm
Found this in the comment section of The Independent.
“John Belushi 5 hours ago
Will it have any effect on (AGW) Al Gore Warming?”
I must be slower than I thought.
I never even saw that one coming.
AGW …. all this time the perfect acronym.

Leo G says:
December 30, 2013 at 8:14 pm
Have I got this right? A pair of Australian professors whose names sound like Christmas Turkey and Fogwilly use research funds to organise a tourist trip PR stunt in Antarctica by chartering a ship with a name that sounds like MV Academic Shocks-are-likely. A bipolar expedition?

EO Peter says:
December 30, 2013 at 5:18 pm
This is more than a complete success, they proven the existence of ice-nine!

Robert of Ottawa says:
December 30, 2013 at 4:23 pm
Welcome to Polar Summer guys! Just imagine winter!

Joe Bastardi says:
December 30, 2013 at 3:31 pm
The most remarkable thing: They actually believe their own drivel.

Happy New Year to everyone.

Additional text 06.20 GMT 1 Jan 2014:
It took a while but the more true nature of definition for travellers onboard finally been read in bbc.com’s website…..

Notice: Tourists and scientists aboard a Russian ship, the MV Akademik Shokalskiy, which has been trapped for eight days in the Antarctic, have been keeping their spirits up by composing a song to celebrate the New Year.
Scientists trapped on ship in Antarctic keep spirits up, BBC news 31 December 2013 Last updated at 16:55 GMT
compare this with
Despite being trapped in Antarctic ice for more than a week, dozens of crew and passengers on board the Akademik Shokalskiy have celebrated the new year with good cheer.Festive new year cheer onboard ship trapped in Antarctic, BBC early 1 january 2014 GMT

It reminds me of the old song: What shall we do with the drunken sailor…… 🙂

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