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President Putin seemed to be in good shape when he finally met media…
Not only did he joke, but he had a twinkle in his eyes rarely seen the last three-four years. He held his shoulders as if he had lost some problems ”on the way” (not as if he had had back or axle problems) He seemed relexed. If only he could stop barking on US for things ultra left vingers and ultra right feets in EU have talked about since 1970th isn’t the best way to make friends ….
Not so many countries in Europe have ”done with” their history from WWII – that is to say some like Sweden has forgotten the politics the different parties spook for during WWI…. 🙂

Russian President Vladimir Putin has laughed off speculation about his health after making his first appearance in public since 5 March.

Life ”would be boring without gossip”, he told Kyrgyz President Almazbek Atambayev at talks in St Petersburg.

The 62-year-old appeared relaxed and smiled before the television cameras.Vladimir Putin: Russian leader dismisses ‘gossip’ over absence, BBC 16 March 2015
Russia’s Vladimir Putin makes first public appearance in 10 days, CNN 2015/03/16

Swedish media: Här visar Putin upp sig igen, Aftonbladet 16 mars 2015
Mysteriet är delvis löst – Putin är på plats igen, Mats Larssons krönika Expressen 16 mars 2015
Putins återkomst: ”Tråkigt utan skvaller”, Expressen 16 mars 2015
Putin tillbaka i offentligheten, DN 16 mars 2015
Klantig Putin-hantering av Kreml, SvD 16 mars 2015

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What ever happens in St Petersburg today, World’s politicians and journalists ought to learn more History in order to understand each other better! Words might seem just like ”only words easy to understand” but same word might mean completely other things when translated as well within a country due to cultural/religious or tradition….

Speculation rife as world waits for Putin to reappear. BBC 15 March 2015

Swedish media: Spänd väntan på svar om Putins hälsa, GP 16 mars 2015
Ryktestemperaturen i Putinmysteriet är nära att nå febrig nivåer, Mats Larssons krönika Expressen 15 mars 2015
Tiden för Putin ”går ut” på måndag, DN 15 mars 2015

World forgotten what consequense analyse is, and why it’s needed

There are two main questions that the World including US and Russia had been able to put on table long ago, had they only had historic knowledge about European history’s roots from long ago….

* Might be true that European Union started as a project for peace. Most politicians back then probably thought so. But not being aware of and especielly not acknowledge the history from WW1 up to today have caused hugh problems.

When President Putin yesterday in the program re. Crimean penisula accused US to be behind the Ukraine problem, he was barking on the wrong tree just as so many here in European Union been barking on him instead of Russians in military and/or the Duman. The thoughts regarding Ukraine goes back long before the fall of Sovjet in 1989. In many case I remember same politicians within countries now belonging to EU had suggestions in same direction back in 1975-79. Ultra Right Feet people here in Sweden has been celebrating Karl XII (Charles XII) no matter that he lost in Poltava after several big victories against Denmark, Sachen-Poland and Russia who had declared war against Sweden in 1700. They had a dream of winning Poltava and Ukraine ”back”….

When Ukraine ”emerged” as an own country not so long ago, same Right Wing Feet-people joined the Left Wing ”elfs” and dreamers among the Liberals. In retroperspective it’s obvious that same politians never understood that the groups in Ukraine’s politic weren’t all angels. Some if not all had long roots themselves….
Thus EU of today isn’t what we here in Sweden was told back when Sweden voted to join EU. (I myself voted NO)

* We here in West better remember this:
– Rus, Swedish-Rus and old Scandinavian Goths had been living in Crimea long before Rurik’s days
Please read: Sveriges okända rysk-ukrainska historia Sorry but I haven’t had time to translate into English…

look at this:
Goternas vandringarKlibblim och vejde

Ostrogoths had many names given to them of Historians in Migration Age and after. Several of them can be traced due to more than one independent contemporary source. Among those sources you can read Armenian Historian, Greek Priests as well as Roman Historians.

* You also need to remember: From 890’s on up to the Ottoman Empire’s expansion into Europe you also find information in works written by Byzantic Empire and many others such as Historians and Fathers of the Church.

Look at:
Ukraina i rutnät 1000 år

True history of Crimea goes back to the days when King Olof Skötkonung (King in Sweden around 1000 AD) had his daughter Ingegerd married to Jaroslav of Novgorod. Irina was here Russian name, after Jaroslav’s death she went into a convent and her name as a nun was Anna. Irina and Jaroslav moved to Kiev and Irina became Emperess of Kiev. The two became ancestors to almost all European Kings in the years to follow.

Please try to read (You might use Google translate) Gordiska knuten Ukraina English title: Gordian knot Ukraine.

Personal reflexion the last years
You better remember that History is my main subject, especially period from Migration Age up to today in Northern Hemisphere. Also please remember that I vote on Sweden’s Conservative party Moderaterna I always tried to give same rights to everyone no matter who.

The line below you can find in earlier blogg articles quotes translated into English as well as abstracts:

What began with Pussy Riots actions in Russian Orthodox Church last year. Something that many in the West exclusively related to criticism of Putin, was something completely different. There may have been an element of the Putin Critic who then was heard from the so-called. Russian intelligensian while Gammel Communists and clean Stalinists who increased their demonstrations around Russia. The big power struggle that began then and there was basically a battle between the Russian military and the Russian Orthodox side, Pussy Riot not only criticized Putin, it would have been one thing if it ‘only’ been there – then it would possibly have been interpreted as attempts to greater freedom of expression. The grave was that Pussy Riot blasphemed the church. This is where the limits of decency went and goes in a Russia where the Russian Orthodox Creed has 1000 years of history as well as its oldest saint Anna who was the daughter of Olof Skötkonung. The verdict against Pussy Riot was established last month.Gordiska knuten Ukraina

As I see it, it is the same group that I use to call the Left of the Left who supports Pussy Riots behavior many old-communists but also the so-called ‘neo-liberal’ (read those who believe that the world may be living Rosseaus dreams of freedom What we knnow is that the Russian military and the Russian Orthodox Church already started the battle for what is to come in Russia after Putin, it shows more and more. from blogg article summer 2013.
– – – – – – –

Post scriptum
Life is not being right all the time but acting right. All Humans are equal, with equal rights. But fortunatly we aren’t copies of each other.

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The last rumors, partly confirmed in articles I presented yesterday by named sources, gives a hint of that some persons never learn the need to take ALL consequenses into consideration….

In the urgent ”need” to prevent the link between some Generals acting with help of a group in Russian Duman, and the Chechenians which would have shined in their face, it seems more than probable that Putin has been removed from office in a behind-the-scenes coup.

Some people around the world only think about what’s up on the table, true information or desinformation they want to believe being true. We seen it here in Sweden the last months 🙂

The rumors I tend to believe have more truth in them then the rest:

MailOnline is reporting that he had been ‘neutralised’ by a shadowy group, but that he was still alive. Where’s Putin? Russian president not seen for nine days, metro.uk 15 mars 2015

But a new report, based on claims by a key Putin ally Saturday, says that Putin has been removed from office in a behind-the-scenes coup led by the former chief of Russia’s Federal Security Service, known as the FSB — the secret police and intelligence organization that has functioned as an important pillar of the Vladimir Putin regime.

“I think that Putin is neutralized at the moment, but of course, he is alive,” Putin backer Geydar Dzhemal, leader of the National Islamic Committee, said on TV in Georgia, an independent country once part of the Society Union. “He is under the control of the power-wielding agencies, who have, in my opinion, organized a coup d’etat.”
Dzhemal, quoted in Britain’s Daily Mail newspaper, pointed the finger squarely at ex-FSB head Nikolai Patrushev. According to Dzhemal’s account, Patrushev met with the anti-Putin Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov on Wednesday, “and tempted him over to his side.”

Kadryov, whose regime and persona wealth has benefited immensely from Putin’s backing, has been reportedly linked to the shocking assassination of outspoken Putin critic Boris Nemstov on February 27. But the killing of Nemstov was said to expose a rift between Kadryov and the FSB.Inquisitr March 15 2015

It’s possible that Putin himself has been treated as if he still was in Office but have no information what so ever in regards to what actually happens in Russia. That would explain President Putins Putin uppdrog att skapa myndighet för nationaliteter, Radio Rysslands röst 14 mars 2015 English title: Putin instructed to create authority for Nationalities, Radio Voice of Russia March 14, 2015

When will they ever learn? No matter what happens regarding President Putin. The Russian Military made the most popular leader of Russia since Catherine the Great immortal almost a Saint for present and future generations in Russia.
Had they learnt anything at all regarding analyse of consequenses they would at least have understood that Russia March 2015 isn’t at all like Sovjet before 1989….

Did the Russian Military hit their own foot? Guess they did.

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No matter what has happened or not happened to President Putin, so it seems when looking at data that are not originating in Ukraine (usually someone from Svoboda that ”pops” up as the original source) or in Lithuania,
as if something worse than the Russian military pushed through with high former generals in the Duma good memory during the Christmas holidays has happened or is about to happen in Moscow

While Russia analysts such as Robert Coalson (“Three Scenarios for a Succession“), Tom Nichols (“If Putin Dies”), Paul Goble (“Interregnum“) and Anders Aslund have theorized that some kind of change of government could be coming with Putin ill or sidelined, they say no one has any proof and can only go by their instincts as old Kremlinologists and wait for the story to unfold. Whether the ruler who comes after Putin would be from “the party of war” or the “party of peace” or neither, definitively, there is not likely to be any immediate relief from the war in Ukraine, as fighting continues with serious encroachment on the area north of the sea port of Mariupol, as our Ukraine Live blog has reported.

Here’s a list of all the developments we think are significant — or just odd — some of them unverified reports — to see if the pieces can be fit together: Russia this week: All the strange things going on in Moscow, Catherine A. Fitzpatrick the Interpreter March 14 2015 List a lot of leading persons missing or ”removed”
in the comments below one interesting twitter is translated to English:

Konstantin Remchukov @KVRemchukov
Балет ГАМЛЕТ завершился выходом на сцену вежливых зеленых человечков с автоматами Калашникова)
7:15 PM – 11 Mar 2015
Translation: Ballet Hamlet finished with police little green men coming out on stage with Kalashnikovs

Most people never heard of Konstantin Remchukov. He is the editor in chief of Nezavisimaya Gazeta a Russian daily newspaper. There are other interesting ”information” in the article.

No matter what is going on in Russia, something is happening or about to happen. It looks to me as if the Russian Military might have tried to take over the power one way or an other. They doesn’t seem to have had everything going their way. They might need Putin to be able to succed….
It’s possible that what ever happened there have been a backlasch they hadn’t considered. Russia in 2015 isn’t Sovjet up to 1989. Lot’s of water flooded under bridges….

Please note the abscence of comments from US, English, French and German leading politicians.

Swedish media:
Ett ryskt mysterium: Var är Putin?, SvT 13 mars 2015

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A subjective assumption is a subjective assumption. Often the subjective assumption of an implied condition that is not proven. Or all invidual premisses needed for the assumption to be valid hasn’t been analyses one by one.
The implied condition may be false or true . Before substantiated by independent (!) Facts and Analyse of all known facts, any assumption is to be valued as a subjective assumption. No matter who presented and/or put forward the assumption, assertion or thesis the assumption is to be regarded as false.
Fallacies in argumentation, Fallacies of Assumtion

Assumtion 1:
Abbott is assumed to ‘shirt-front’ Putin.

Abbott Disappoints the World, Doesn’t ‘shirt-front’ Putin”, theusdaily 11/11/14

Due to the False assumption Swedish newspapers presented the assumption as it had been what’s happened….

Putin pekas ut som medansvarig för nedskjutet flygplan, DN 11 november 2014 Tendency and Purpose behind such assumption? Well DN, Dagens Nyheter aren’t filled with journalists who check their sources 🙂

Abbot: Putin är ansvarig för MH17-kraschen, Aftonbladet via omin.se 12 november 2014

Assumtion 2
Almost all media have gone into orbit assuming that it’s proven that President Putin had his ”finger” in the cakemixing resulting in the Malayasia Airlines MH17 being shut down.

First of all: Russian Constitution isn’t the same as the Constitution of the Sovjet Republic was. Today A president of Russia needs to have OK from the Russian Duma to take military actions abroad.
Secondly: In a large country where some kind of democracy is found in the constitution, it’s the same as in a class room in a school – while it’s possible that the tutor has had an impact on a student’s illegal actions, it’s also possible that the parents of the child has had. No leader from micro to macro level can without direct proof be assumed to be responsible for all actions individuals ”under” him/her take.

Whenever a theory/hypothesis is put forward , the arguments for the hypothesis can be valid or invalid . But it’s more complex than that: It is important to know, that the arguments put forward may be valid but still only leading up to a scientifically untrue conclusion. One of the more famous fallacy exemples is also known as the proof that the moon is a cheese.Fallacies in argumentation, Fallacy of assumtion

The world we inherited face many problems there is no need to create/present false conclusions when proof is lacking. We are all humans. Humans make mistakes due to each person’s own ”bag pack” not being the same as one or any others. No matter if we like or dislike a person we better try to remember that we might be the one making a mistake that starts a line of dreadful misunderstanding in the long run. God gives what we need, not always what we pray for.

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