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Partying? What can one call a ship where fools calling themselves experts send film after film with partying people also complaining that the beer is running short? 😛 ”The beer is running short” – Problems in Antarctica, Norah4you 28 december 2013

”Rescue situation in Antarctic remains unchanged,” the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) said in an update on Wednesday. ”Helicopter unable to fly in current weather conditions. Raining in area & winds 20-30 knots.”

Australian authorities, who are coordinating the rescue, plan to use the helicopter on board the Chinese-flagged icebreaker Xue Long to bring 52 passengers off the boat, leaving behind its 22 crew members.

They would then be taken by barge from the Xue Long to the Aurora Australis.

AMSA said the latest information was that the Chinese vessel was ”moving and manoeuvring slowly around the ice”, allaying fears that the Xue Long had itself become trapped.

”The Rescue Coordination Centre has no information indicating they are stuck in the ice at this time,” spokeswoman Lisa Martin said.

Passengers on the stranded ship had been following in the footsteps of Australian Sir Douglas Mawson and his 1911-1914 expedition and they greeted the New Year with cheer, singing an anthem they wrote to ring in 2014.Winds, rain put Antarctic ship rescue on hold, Bangkokpost 1 Jan 2014 08.49 local time Bangkok GMT 01.49

Fortsatt väntan för fastfrusna, Helsingborgs Dagblad 1 jan 2014
Fortsatt väntan för fastfrusna, SvD 1 jan 2014
Lång väntan för fastfrusna, GP 1 jan 2014
Fortsatt väntan för fastfrusna, Aftonbladet 1 jan 2014

Funniest comments of 2013 is due to these clowns own actions (hm?) found in The Antarctic ‘reserach’ fiasco, ‘would you, could you, in a boat’?, wattsupwiththat 2013/12/30 :

Chuck Nolan says:
December 30, 2013 at 8:08 pm
Found this in the comment section of The Independent.
“John Belushi 5 hours ago
Will it have any effect on (AGW) Al Gore Warming?”
I must be slower than I thought.
I never even saw that one coming.
AGW …. all this time the perfect acronym.

Leo G says:
December 30, 2013 at 8:14 pm
Have I got this right? A pair of Australian professors whose names sound like Christmas Turkey and Fogwilly use research funds to organise a tourist trip PR stunt in Antarctica by chartering a ship with a name that sounds like MV Academic Shocks-are-likely. A bipolar expedition?

EO Peter says:
December 30, 2013 at 5:18 pm
This is more than a complete success, they proven the existence of ice-nine!

Robert of Ottawa says:
December 30, 2013 at 4:23 pm
Welcome to Polar Summer guys! Just imagine winter!

Joe Bastardi says:
December 30, 2013 at 3:31 pm
The most remarkable thing: They actually believe their own drivel.

Happy New Year to everyone.

Additional text 06.20 GMT 1 Jan 2014:
It took a while but the more true nature of definition for travellers onboard finally been read in bbc.com’s website…..

Notice: Tourists and scientists aboard a Russian ship, the MV Akademik Shokalskiy, which has been trapped for eight days in the Antarctic, have been keeping their spirits up by composing a song to celebrate the New Year.
Scientists trapped on ship in Antarctic keep spirits up, BBC news 31 December 2013 Last updated at 16:55 GMT
compare this with
Despite being trapped in Antarctic ice for more than a week, dozens of crew and passengers on board the Akademik Shokalskiy have celebrated the new year with good cheer.Festive new year cheer onboard ship trapped in Antarctic, BBC early 1 january 2014 GMT

It reminds me of the old song: What shall we do with the drunken sailor…… 🙂

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There are many calling themselves experts in this or that field without showing that they understood that Science and Theories of Science always are important understanding. Incorrect data often been used to prove (sometimes disaprove) thesis drawn from incomplete datamodels.

The big question is:
IF the CO2-fantasts had used measured data, not corrected, skipped interpolation and extrapolation figures, they might been able to present valid arguments that could lead up to sustainable conclusions,
but IF they are so sure they are right, how come they do not use measuered real data?

Problems with data models.
* Our Earth isn’t an ideal sphere. Neither does our Earth rotate in an ideal spheric or eliptic orbit around the Sun.
The difference between max and min ‘wobbling’ (oblikvidity) is far too large to be set as a fix value.

* Same problems occur in Science calculations using data models, as in Administration – there are only a few skilled systemprogrammers who have studied Mathematic Analyse as well as one of the many specific subject important for CO2 discussion.

Conclusion: A data model can’t be better than the skills of the systemprogrammer behind. And it takes a well educated systemprogrammer not only a skilled scientist in his/her own field to write a good program. A result from a computer analysed model can’t be better that the figures given the computer to be analysed… As we said in 70’s Bad input -> Bad output.



* The earth spins around its own axis.

* Earth’s axis tilt.
The oblikvitety, varies due to the Earth’s rotation (rotation speed) between 22.1 and 24.5 degrees for the moment the degree is approx 23.5
This variation is relatively regular and reoccur every 41 000 year. At present we have a decreasing angle.

* The Earth wobble
In addition to the Earth’s axis tilt varies with a cycle time of 41 thousand years so the axis varies related to the sun due to the earth just like a gyro spun peak ‘wavers’ when momentum slows or increases.
This wobble of the Earth has a part time cycle of 26,000 years.

Our Earth isn’t an ideal sphere.
* The seabed is not a flat surface.
We have mountains and grave deeps in our oceans . While we do know a bit about our Atmosphere, we hardly know anything about most of the natural circumstances within our Earth.
Example I tought 7th graders in Geography/Earth

Example for 7 graders

© Inger E Johansson, Gothenburg 2003 revised 2009
If you take an ordinary rope, measuring up half of Earth’s diameter. Ie 12 756 km (10 km = 1 cm rope) divided the rope in half the rope will be about 6 meter and 37.8 cm long.

Take the rope and your students to a playground, parking, lawn, etc, and ask one of them to hold an end of the rope while an other student use the rope’s other end to draw the cirle.

The circle corresponds to the earth. Not exactly of course since our Earth isn’t an idealic sphere. But for this exercise it’s sufficient.
To understand the relationships between the earth’s size and our highest mountains and deepest sea widows, so check in an atlas, how high is Mount Everest. 8 848 m. Ie. On your drawn cirkel an equivalent of Mount Everest can be represented as a bulge of less than 1 cm. Mark less then one cm up from the circle’s outher line.

Then look up the Mariner grave, the world’s deepest point mesured point 10 911 meters. In other words, not much more than 1 cm indentation from your circle-line.

This give you a realatively good proportion understanding: You will see with your own eyes how little we humans know about our Earth. We have had landing on the moon and made visits in the Mariner grave, but that’s not much.

Together with the Earth’s centrifugal force and the water cycle in nature (look it up if you do not know what I mean ) , we get a movement in the oceans which inflicts drastically on all so called computer models.

First it’s essential to remember that without greenhouse effects, we wouldn’t be here at all. Please repeat Fotosyntes as well as read about the low temperature our Earth would have had without greenhouse effect.
Every planet has an atmosphere, some thick others thin. True readings from scientist’s studies been made in our atmosphere since 1964. Not only orbiting satelites but even better ways of studies. Where? Esrange, Sweden. Wouldn’t it had been a good thing to use at least one of the best Dissertations in the field as a background check?

For example:
* Nikulin Grigory, Impact of Rossby waves on ozone distribution and dynamics of the stratosphere and troposphere , Dissertation Umeå University 2005
ISBN 91-7305-946-3 IRF scientific report, 0284-1703 ; 285

I repeat:
IF the CO2-fantasts had used measured data, not corrected, skipped interpolation and extrapolation figures, they might been able to present valid arguments that could lead up to sustainable conclusions,
but IF they are so sure they are right, how come they do not use measuered real data?

Natur wins over political sciences models, Norah4you 25 december 2013 and Reality exceeds poens, Norah4you 28 december 2013

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The forces of nature are not to be trifled with. Old idiom but true….

— A Chinese icebreaker heading to free a polar expedition vessel trapped in an Antarctic ice floe got stopped by the ice and weather, its captain told CNN.
”Right now we are waiting for winds to blow ice away so we can move closer,” he said. ”The current ice condition is exceeding our capabilities to break through further.”

The captain acknowledged his ship may need help from two other icebreakers headed to the area if conditions deteriorate.Chinese icebreaker stalled en route to stranded ship, CNN December 27, 2013 — Updated 2216 GMT

– – – inserted text 04.50 Swedish time 03.50 GMT (important lines bluelighted by me/IEJ):
The Chinese crew is hoping a French icebreaker 14 nautical miles away will arrive and offer relief, said Zhu Li, chief officer of the Chinese ship.

But it’s likely the French vessel Astrolabe will also be slowed by the polar cap’s extreme frigidity, Zhu said.

Those two icebreakers — plus a third, from Australia — were battling the planet’s coldest environment in trying to reach the stranded Russian ship MV Akademik Shokalskiy, whose 74 researchers, crew and tourists remained in good condition despite being at a frozen standstill since Monday.

Antarctic crew amazed by viral fame It all shows that some lands — especially the ends of the Earth — will never be tamed.Only at the South Pole: Icebreaker also stuck — in ice — heading for stranded ship, cnn.com December 28, 2013 — Updated 0239 GMT

– – – – and of new quotes – – – –

Remember: Den 11. januar 1911 nådde «Fram» den store isbarrieren, og dagen etter fant de frem til overvintringstedet Amundsen hadde sett seg ut. I sitt brev til Nansen gjorde Amundsen et poeng ut av at han ikke ville legge sin base sammen med britene i McMurdoc-sundet. Der hadde britene selvfølgelig førsterett. For seg selv hadde han allerede bestemt seg for å anlegge basen i Hvalbukta, en hel breddegrad nærmere polen enn britenes base. Den 14. januar fortøyde de skuta og reiste huset Amundsen hadde fått konstruert før avreisen fra Norge. I tillegg satte de opp fjorten telt. Leiren ble som under Gjøaekspedisjonen oppkalt etter ekspedisjonens fartøy, og fikk navnet Framheim. Amundsen skrev i sin dagbok at den mektige isveggen ved basen strakte seg 100 fot til værs.

Overvintrerne på Framheim benyttet seg av en rekke lager og arbeidsrom under snøen, og hadde etter forholdene det ganske behagelig. I denne snøkjelleren hadde de til og med anlagt en badstu.1910-12 Fram III, Amundsens Sørpolekspedisjon, polarhistorie.no/ekspedisjoner

It’s a bit queer that the ship and the so called experts the Chinese Ice Breaker is supposed to resque aren’t in the area where the observations Amundsen and his men made, the observations the so called experts are supposed trying to repeat…. but never mind, I guess they think they can correct the latitude and longitude for where observations were made same way they done correcting temperatures of the past and CO2 values in the present….
Btw. the first real scholary station which was set up in the Antarctic was set up AFTER World War II…..

Räddning för fastfrusna frös inne, GP 27 december 2013
Räddning för fastfrusna frös inne, Aftonbladet 27 december 2013
Räddning för fastfrusna frös inne, SvD 27 december 2013

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