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Too many so called scholars and politicians using political agenda forgets Theories of Science – Basic Knowledge
such as the most important of all:
Any tempering with data, no matter why and when, aren’t in line with Theories of Science at all.

There are several Fallacies in argumentation, Norah4science page English text to be taken into account when ever someone calls for ”consensus”. Consensus is a political term with no connection what so ever to Theories of Science.

As I wrote back in August 2012 (for English text please look below Swedish)
…för ögat osynliga plastpartiklar som förs med dagvatten och avloppsvatten till reningsverk är lika farliga för människors och djurs fertilitet som en del av de hormonämnen vars restprodukter finns kvar även efter alla reningsprocesser i bästa 3-stegs rening som finns!Rent vatten än en gång, Norah4you 2012/08/04

Quick English translation:
”Invisible to Human eye plastic particles are transported in watersystems from consumer out in Oceans. Same goes for plastic particles being transported within wastewater to treatment plants. They are equally dangerous for human and animal fertility as part of the hormonal substances whose residues are retained even after all cleaning processes in the best 3-step purification available!”

Real problem for everyone to be aware of
What goes up in air sooner or later ends up on land/in water and what comes out in watersystem sooner or later ends up in food for animals from Krill all way up in system finally ending in human food.

This is a real threat. No matter if we are discussing hormons we humans use or plastic bags which take several hundred years before ”chemical broken down”, if ever.

CO2-threat isn’t a real threat. It’s a political faith for those who haven’t comprehend that models are models and tempered data always gives bad input and bad output. Without CO2 we humans can’t live. Photosynthesis

but it’s worse than that

Diameter 12 756 km  Radie 6 378 km scale 1 mm=10 000 meter Red dot represent Mt Everest. Blue dot Mariana Trench While Human have been to the Moon, no Human gone deeper than Mariana Trench.

Diameter 12 756 km Radie 6 378 km
scale 1 mm=10 000 meter
Red dot represent Mt Everest.
Blue dot Mariana Trench
While Human have been to the Moon, no Human gone deeper than Mariana Trench.

Those who believe in Human caused CO2-fluctation, which by the way is a false assumtion, they better rethink and above all learn what their teacher should have taught them in 7th Grade!

Of course Faith is personal. In reality of Science Empiri beats models. The new Faith of IPCC: Humans are Universe’s centre

Real problem – Clean water without plastic and/or chemical polution>

Ocean plastic is likely disappearing into the food chain, new study indicates, The Guardian Thursday 12th February 2015

Swedish media: Miljontals ton plast i haven, GP 13 februari 2015
Så mycket plast dumpas årligen i haven, DN 13 februari 2015

Klimatet kräver modiga politiker och stora insatser, Christian Azar professor Energi och Miljö Chalmers samt Daniel Johansson docent i klimat-vetenskapliga analyser Chalmers på GP Debatt 15 februari 2015 De båda herrarna har antingen inte lärt in Vetenskapsteori eller också glömt. De begår tre av de allvarligste Fallacien, något verkligt kunniga vetenskapsmän ALDRIG skulle göra! Sedan må de ha fina titlar. Men det de glömt är att följande är allvarliga <A HREF="https://norah4science.wordpress.com/fallacies-in-argumentation-english-text/Fallacies in argumentationoch inget annat:

* Argumentum ab auctoritate”
Authority is no safe criterion of credibility.

* Fallacy from usage of insound premisses

* ”Appeal to fear
Have been commonly used by alarmists of Climate Threats – often combined with usage of chosen/incomplete data; models where not all input factors are included. Bad input always results in bad output.

Tillägg 10 mars 2015….
Verkar som svenska intresseorganisationer och ”forskare” som vanligt vill verka vara bäst i klassen.. 🙂
Grön investeringsbank nödvändig för klimatet, Svante Axelsson generalsekr. Naturskyddsföreningen, Svenne Junker doktor företagsekonomi Handelshögskolan i Stockholm samt Joakim Sandberg docent Göteborgs universitet m.m. på GP Debatt 10 mars 2015

Lär sig inte herrarna vetenskapsteori kapitel fallacies numera?

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Once upon a time, when I was young, there was a song heard almost everywhere here in Sweden among teenagers: Pollution pollution It was a song by Tom Lehrer. While most of his songs can be described as left of the left back in 60’s and 70’s, that song was talking about a situation that were at hand, here in Sweden as well as in US and still is. We all want pure clear water, but are we willing to pay the price? For the cost today is less than it will be in the future to fix problems caused today. As was it back then.

It can be an accident such as a train might be carrying dangerous chemicals and something makes a wagon tip over. It can be an overflow of water in an industries drain system caused by too heavy rain in the sewersystem from industry to a purification plant for a village, a town or a district. Many different situations can happen. But whenever chemicals comes directly out in watersystem or indirectly slips down to ground water levels, the cleaning will cost. Because all of us want to have pure clean water….. don’t we?

What we all have to call our politicians and industrialist for is a question: Are you willing to help people to have drinkable water in the tap, in kitchen as well as elsewhere?

It will cost society a bit more than the so called CO-2 threat that never ever been a problem has caused the last years. That’s might be the reason why so many willingly tried that one instead of facing the real problems: Pure clean water and fresh air…..

More money when in start but less money all in all when total figures are on the table.

You might want to contact Holmen in Norrkoping, Sweden. They were one of the first, if not the first, to go for closed process-systems. This means that less chemicals are needed when reused after cleaning in the closed system. Holmen
When I was young i followed my father when he participated in a pretest before the consecration of the closed system.

If you are in farming business, you might want to contact The Lake Vättern Society of Water Conservation they do have a long experience in these questions as you can read. Back in 1957 I myself participated, eight years old, when my father made the investigations checking water and air, chemical as well as biological, temperatures 2 meter over waterlevel, 1 resp 3 resp 10 meters under… (we did it not only there but in many places in east Sweden south of Laka Maelaren….) Please remember that today Lake Vättern’s water is close to drinkable. Some years ago it was too pure…. and back in 1957 it was all but pure and clean.

Chemical levels in West Virginia water drop, but still no end in sight to ban, cnn.com january 11, 2014
Thousands Without Water After Spill in West Virginia, Nytimes.com 2014/01/11

Swedish media:
Många utan vatten efter kemisk läcka, GP 11 januari 2014
Många utan vatten efter kemisk läcka, Aftonbladet 11 januari 2014

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