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I am surprised that CO2-believers belive that tornados and a possible el Nino in the near future, as well as tempeature changes in the Pacific Ocean should origin from Human activity. Volcanos produce 92 % of all CO2 while active but also for many million/milliard years after acativity died. What’s typical for Volcanos apart from CO2 and SO2 up in the air or water? Magma which always will come from under the Tectonic plates involved in movements causing eruptions isn’t cold as ice 🙂 When you look at the Plates around the Pacific please choose Worlwide as well as 3 days above 2,5 on Richter scale on the wheel up right.

Eathquake map

The worst is that few analytic people around the World lack knowledge to combine how Waves break down respectively strengthens air streams above waterlevel up to atmospheric levels. Airstreams heated by energy from underwater volvanos most certainly don’t chill but heat the air above. In Pacific case we can follow the effect if not on a daily basis then over longer periods mainly in the United States and Indonesia-Japanese weather systems. The thing the CO2-believers call Climate and warmer Earth temperature. Same changes that gave strange weather in Northern Hemisphere from Artic down to east NA over to Europe each time there been increased activity in the region Island – Greenland.

But for those who made CO2 their new Faith, that’s might be to complicated to understand??????

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