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We now have 6 of our recent rescue puppies with symptoms of parvo. Even more unfortunate has been the denial of service and the refusal to fill an authorised script for life saving drugs by Good Price Pharmacy Warehouse at McGraths Hill. The people at the store even refused to contact the vet, despite having filled scripts from there on multiple occasions in the past, citing they were ”too busy”. We can only guess that saving the lives of animals isn’t as important as making a few dollars selling cough lollies. A HREF=”https://www.facebook.com/#!/awdri.com.au/photos/a.339435487132.157133.304425302132/10153608561047133/”>Australian Working Dog Resque earlier today 20th August 2016

My thoughts:
there are those who doesn’t understand that pharmacies are for humans and animals. Not vice versa. Please let them know that theur behavor is known in Sweden as well as in Australia

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