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It’s an honor for Sweden having you as our guest. The history of contacts between Sweden and US goes far back in History and beyond the first English Settlers. Of course todays and tomorrows meeting will be about World’s problem, but I would like to remind you about the Historic contacts way back in history. It’s always good knowing about Historic Background when predicting the Future to come.
Mr. Obama is now headed to Sweden and Russia, where he will try to shore up an international coalition to punish Syria for a chemical weapons attack and will probably encounter some of the same debates that are cleaving the Capitol.Obama administration presses case on Syria, nytimes.com 2013/09/04

In ‘the Old days’ back in the days of King Magnus Eriksson’s son King Hakon of Norway (born 1339 Norwegian King 1355-1380) who inherited Norway and the western parts of his father King Magnus Eriksson’s empire, in 1364 a Norwegian priest Ivar Baardson back in Scandinavia in 1364 gave the Pope’s representant the tithes not only for Gardar the See of Greenland but also for three Christian dioceses in North America. Among them the old Korsnes(!) dioceses from the border of US and Canada southward.[Ingress by Finnur Jónsson in Det gamle Grønlands beskrivelse af Ívar Bárðarson (Ivar Bårdssön), ed. Finnur Jónsson (København, 1930). I have had it checked and it’s noted in Papal records.]

But not only that. Here in Sweden we do have the ultimate proof of contacts between not only Norway but Sweden before most of US had seen any of all the known Explorers. In 1560 while most land of US (and Canada) wasn’t explored and hadn’t seen any European settlers at all, our King Erik XIV, son of Gustav Vasa, ordered from Flandern one of our most prestigeos Royal Crown Jewels: King Erik’s ‘Riksapple’. King Erik XIV said in his official statement on inheriting the Swedish throne that he [Erik] was entiteled to claim all the Northern Hemisphere. If the Flandern etcher who got the Swedish maps of the world, among the maps one of NA, hadn’t mirrored North America You Mr President as well as the rest of US and the World would have known that Sweden had the ultimate proof of early explorers of North America due to carthographers back before Columbus had carthographed all land from Florida to California and up today’s US to the Canadian territories. All it takes is a mirror or mirroring NA from a photo of our Swedish Royal Crown Jewel King Erik’s ‘Riksapple‘. You will find that Mississippi river was known here in Sweden in 1560.

But as you probably by know are aware of Swedes back in 19th century and early 20th moved from hard situations in Sweden to the promised land where everyone no matter what could make his or her dream come true. Lot’s of people had a hard time all their lives but many success stories told here as well as in Your own country.

The History of contacts from the days when the Natives of US (and Canada) was the only settlers in North America between what’s today Your country US (as well as Canada) and Scandinavia can be read in early books. One of them is the Icelandic monk Nicholas Bergthorson who back in the mid 1200’s wrote Leidarvisir och borgaskipan also known as
Vejviser og byers beliggenhed
, The book dealing with land, towns and
ways to the Holy land from Island was written around 1154:

”East of Denmark is Sweden, then comes Oland Gotland, then Hälsingland
Vermland and the two Kwenlands, located north of ‘Biarmaland’.
Biarmaland is an inhabited land which extands northwards all the way
to Greenland. South of Greenland is Helluland, then Markland, from it
is not far to Vinland the Good. Which some people think extands all
way to Africa.

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So Mr President, Welcome to one of the countries with long historic contacts over the Atlantic Ocean between Your US and Europe. Hope you will have nice stay here as well as good discussions.

Btw. when You Mr President meet with President Putin of Russia, You will meet with a President of a country who back in 860’s was under Swedish control. The story of Rurik told in the so called Nestor’s Chronicle compiled in Kiev round 1113 is confirmed by a book from 867(!)
Rimbert: Life of Anskar, the Apostle of the North, 801-865, Chapter XXX written 867

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