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When, where and why was a treaty after a war a just peace to all involved? That’s a question where judge still is out…

Europe 1763

Europe and Asia Minor 1882

Europe and Asia Minor -1914


First of all we need to accept that hardly any war started without a person/a group of leaders nor ended without politicians behind a treaty.

Secondly there is and always been a problem to indentify good people in a hugh number of groups working for Freedom against a known Dictator as in the case of War in Syria.
While it’s hard to say/prove where IS got all their money from, they had access to lots of weapon the minuit ”we” heard of them. From what’s been heard here in Gothenburg (told by people who know Swedish terrorists in IS) some of them started their fight together with many groups(democratic as well as the opposite) in Ukraine… Heard that those had got their weapons from Western sources giving ”Aid” against the former Ukraine dictator…. Can’t prove but heard it too often not to take that into the account…

Same problem exists from Syria via Ukraine all way to parts of China. Same question asked above could and would be best to ask all over….

Swedish media: USA: Inga tecken på al-Qaida – IS-pakt, GP 15 november 2014
Amerikanskt flyg bombar islamister, Expressen 15 november 2014
Brittiska Jihadister nekas återvända, DN 14 november 2014
FN-rapport: IS halshugger civila, SvD 14 november 2014

There are wars where there is hard to find a solution that’s fair and save people.

Legosoldater i religionsfanatikers tjänst

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underlättar inte varken för den Gordiska knuten Ukraina, Norah4you 28 februari 2014 eller för länderna i Mellanöstern som drabbats av politiskt dragna gränser I skuggan av Osmanska rikets fall, Norah4you 12 april 2012

Lär sig världen aldrig något? Legosoldater i religionsfanatikers tjänst fanns på båda sidor under Korstågen…. inget nytt men heller inget att hänga i ”julgran”. Människor som går att köpa för religiösa strider är varken troende eller pålitliga. Striderna förvärras.

Tjetjener trumfkort i både Syrien och Ukraina, SvD 14 juli 2014

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