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If the fools understood that it’s foolish to prove incompetence in Theories of Science when proven wrong….

Some Green politians here in Sweden never ever tries to learn. Only goes for 5 minuites in the spotlight—–

Ice bucket challenge fortsätter i Göteborg. Den senaste i raden att anta utmaningen var miljöpartisten Kia Andreasson. Hon passade också på att svara på Leif Mannerströms kommentar om att hon behöver ”kylas ner”.

– Det är inte jag som behöver kylas ner det är klimatet, sa hon.Här gör miljöpartisten ice bucket challenge, GT 3 september 2014

Watts Up With That?

I was tipped off to this paper by a Tweet from SkS Reichfurher John Cook, and I started on writing a rebuttal, but discovered The Hockey Schtick had already done a complete job, so I’ve reposted it here.  -Anthony
The Hockey Schtick writes: A new paper published in a journal called ”Climate Risk Management” claims a ridiculous degree of ”certainty” of  99.999% that global warming over the past 25 years is man-made. The claim is made based upon climate models already falsified at confidence levels of 98%+.

According to the authors,

”there is less than a one in one hundred thousand chance of observing an unbroken sequence of 304 months [25.3 years] (our analysis extends to June 2010) with mean surface temperature exceeding the 20th century average.”

Fundamental problems with this claim [which is basically the falsified IPCC attribution claim of 95% certainty on steroids] include:

There is no statistical…

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