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The winter was long and cold. In November 375th Emperor Valentinian died of infarction. He had become very upset and angry at Peace Quadi-Ambassadeur´s unreasonable demands. Valentinian heart could not cope with stress. But this was not the only incident that affected the Roman Empire this year. Crete, Greece Peloponnesien and others suffered severe earthquakes

During the reign of Emperor Valens thirteenth [ie depending on how you count sometime between the years 375 and 377] the Huns attacked the Goths driving them in all directions – north, south and west. The Huns had long lived in the areas Orosius, a Spanish priest and historian of the 400s, called behind the high mountain ranges. The Huns came with their horses, their wives and children and waggons attacking the Goths.

Valentinian’s death, the severe earthquakes and the problems along East Roman borders caused severe problem for the tribunes Merobaudes and Equitius as well as the worry that the Goths would/could attack along the Danube.

At this time Emperor Valens and Gratian was far away….. Old Sources Story – Emperor Valens killed by Gothic King Athanarik, read more following this link

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Utdrag ur kapitel om Goternas ursprung i manuskriptet Den Gotiska Mosaiken. Inlagd sida på Norah4history

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