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When good people put their prestige aside choosing to act together for the best, then results will follow….
We can discuss what’s included and excluded from definition of Democracy. That’s a totally different question.
What’s good for all is also good for you and me. That’s where we need to start. No where else.

Iran nuclear deal

Iran to start scaling back nuclear program January 20, White House says, CNN 2014/01/12
Iran nuclear deal to enter into force on 20 January, BBC 12 january 2014
Negotiators Put Final Touches on Iran Accord, Nytimes.com 2014/01/13

For those who tries to put forward the worries heard from Israel: Please remember this – The only way for people to live is to let other live; to call for own rights is to allow other persons same rights. No political side can claim to OWN a question when humans involved! If you don’t show honest behavior yourself you can’t call for others to behave in a certain way.You can’t change other people if you aren’t willing to change yourself!

Swedish media: Iran: Uranavtal börjar gälla snart, Aftonbladet 13 januari 2014 Hm…. Order and Tendency…. (svenska: Syfte och Tendens)
Lättade sanktioner väntar för Iran, SvD 13 januari 2014
Iran: Uranavtal börjar gälla snart, DN 13 januari 2014


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