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United Nations special rapporteur on the right to food by Human Rights Council 2008, Olivier De Schutter, should from his diplomatic upbringing in Bombay India, Jeddah Saudi Arabia and Kigali Rwanda might have seen real powerty, assuming that he must have been out in reality at least once to see situation in those countries poor with his own eyes. Thus he would have had the chance to understand what’s cheap living and what’s powerty. But if that was the case he sure not to remember what is and what isn’t.

On the other hand a scholar writing up to a Ph.D ought to have studied and shown to have learnt about Theories of Science. How come he who in his thesis wrote
Fonction de juger et droits fondamentaux. Transformation du contrôle juridictionnel dans les ordres juridiques américain et européens, Bruxelles 1999
seems to have forgotten all what source-critical analysis and careful sampling of accurate source information is?

Today’s report from his pen regarding powerty in Canada cast long shadows not only over his work as over UN-reports regarding Food situation in the world. With such short (11 days) and poor studies one can’t help questioning UN-reports in the past as well as in the future. Mathematic Statistic demands accurate and correct figures. One can’t use exponential functions every where and certainly not here. One need deep studies made by sociologists who also studied Mathematic Statistics as well as having knowledge of a computer system programmer (I have and I am) to do such studies worth publishing.

Olivier De Schutter, UN Food Envoy, Provokes Ottawa With Findings On Hunger And Poor Diet In Canada, Huffington Post Canada, May 16th 2012
John Ivison: Hypocritical UN council sends envoy on Kafka esque Canadian visit, National Post May 16th 2012
Feds dismiss UN envoy’s findings on hunger, poor diets, CTV.ca May 16th 2012

It’s of course true that not every one in any of UN-s member states always can expect to find as nutricious food on the table as one would have hoped for. But that’s a total other story not a scientific study made by a skilled scholar.

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