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Today as so many times before one type of Fallacies in argumentation Argumentum ab auctoritate weaken the conclusion drawn/assumed. Please remember: Authority is no safe criterion of credibility.

U.S. and China, After months of Talk, Reach agreement on Climate Change, Nytimes.com 2014/11/12
The Secretary-General commends the joint announcement by the Governments of the People’s Republic of China and the United States of their post-2020 action on climate change, as an important contribution to the new climate agreement to be reached in Paris next year.United Nations Secratary General Ban Ki-moon’s statement, UN Latest Statements New York, 11 November 2014

Swedish media:
Kina sätter historiskt klimatmål, Aftonbladet 12 november 2014

Neither leaders of the world’s largest economies or leading professors of the same economies best Universities within their own science fields can be used as if their statements always are sound and free from biases. Same can be said regarding their statements independence of influence of interest group/-s! Authority is no safe criterion of credibility

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