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A special thanks to Genetiker who allows me to reblogg his article.

Take a look at the full table you will find when you press ”calls”
This is interesting and worth thinking more than twice. Things might not have gone as some have thought. Some = Historians, Geologists and Archaeologists.

a reminder of an earlier interesting bloggarticle: Y-snp calls for another neolithic Hungarian genome, Genetiker 23 August 2015


In the table below are links to Y-SNP calls for samples from Ice Age Europe.

Villabruna  Italy  14,180–13,780 BP  pre-R1b1a1a-P297  calls

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With a special thanks to Genetiker who allows me to reblogg this very interesting and important article.


Below is a plot for another K = 15 admixture analysis of prehistoric and modern genomes. Like the K = 13 analysis in the preceding post, this analysis includes one Neolithic and three Bronze Age samples from Ireland.

This analysis didn’t produce the usual five Caucasoid components, so I will soon replace the plot below with a plot for an analysis that does produce such components.

As with the K = 13 analysis, I will also update this post later with a plot for an analysis that uses more SNPs for the Irish samples.


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With a special thanks to Genetiker who allows me to reblogg this important article.

That said I would like to tell a Chinese tale once told by the father of a Chinese who according to professional translator I happen to have met, still speak Swedish to this day…

Sorry if I over the years forgotten parts of the tale.

There once was a Potter who had been given the mission by the Creator of the world of mud from Yellow River beaches form the man.

The first firing of the oven was too hot and long, the man that came out was a dark-skinned tall and handsome, but not perfect

The second firing was too short, man who came out of the oven lacked color and were anything but perfect.

The third försöktet became something else a proud redskinned man,The third attempt was anything but proud red hyad man,
but neither was now the Creator satisfied.

The fourth attempt was successful.

The man who came out of the kiln became forefather to everyone in China and Asia.
—- end of what I remember from the days when a Chinese boy was pupil in same swimming school as I and one of my cousins….

For me All men are equal also means that we are all different. Carrying the tales and cultures of our ancestors. No men or women born of Human is by the Creator we Christians call God given the permission to place ourself in his shoes judging other peoples beliefs.


Below are the genotypes for SNPs that have a large effect on phenotype for 163 genomes from prehistoric Eurasia. Derived alleles are in bold.

My previous post giving genotypes for 102 other prehistoric Eurasian samples is here, and my post giving genotypes for eight other Copper and Bronze Age Iberian samples is here.

ASIP, rs2424984, Veddoid brown skin

Alberstedt LN         I0118  TT
Asia Minor Neolithic  I0707  TT
Asia Minor Neolithic  I0708  TT
Asia Minor Neolithic  I0709  TT
Asia Minor Neolithic  I0745  TT
Asia Minor Neolithic  I1096  TT
Asia Minor Neolithic  I1099  CC
Asia Minor Neolithic  I1583  TT
Baalberge MN          I0560  TT
Bell Beaker Germany   I0111  TT
Bell Beaker Germany   I0112  TT
Corded Ware Germany   I0049  CC
Corded Ware Germany   I0103  TC
Corded Ware Germany   I0104  TT
Esperstedt MN         I0172  TT
Halberstadt LBA       I0099  T

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