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To my suprise I have read:
A House of Commons spokesman said in a statement: “The Committee has decided that the huge number of people signing this petition means that it should be debated by MPsSecond EU referendum petition to be debated in Parliament after receiving more than 4m signatures, independent.co.uk July 12th 2016

In Great Britain there are 65,1 miljon people living (2015), if latest figures correct. 46,5 milj are allowed to vote in Elections.
Since when is 4 milj who protested after the final votes were counted more important than those who actually voted for Brexit. As you probably knows, there likelihood that a majority of the 4 milj who protested calling for a new election to be persons who voted for Brexit, is close to zero for everyone who have had the pleasure studying Theory of Science and Mathematic Statistic on University.

The only ones who can defend such claims are those who either believe themselves to have more value than others OR those who tries to make democracy go out thru the window. EU is by no means democratic now a days. That’s one thing. But You, Members of the Parliament in the country who gave the world Magna Carta,
never would I have imagin you to be among those who believe the upper politians to be of more value than the people who voted.

Debatt om ny Brexit-omröstning efter fyra miljoner underskrifter, Aftonbladet 12 Juli 2016

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