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EU tries to change old traditional food once again. They can not keep their hands from the pot…..

Traditional Danish pastriues threatened by EU cinnamon ban, Telegraph uk 26 dec 2013

Kanelbullens framtid är i fara i Danmark, Expressen 27 december 2013
Scandinavian food/cousine has used cinnamon at least since 1327 (bought to St Birgitta’s father’s funeral) How many cases of overdose are EU aware of since 1327 AD?

– Dette betyr slutten for kanelbolla slik vi kjenner den i dag, Dagbladet.no 2013/12/26

Well EU better reconsider. Known in Swedish food/cousine since 1327 and in Norway known since 1340! Please look at Brev 5 Mai 1340, Diplomatatrium Norwegicum bind 3 no 202 (page 178) Origin on parchment in Swedish Riksarkivet… So EU can’t say that cinnemon isn’t traditional in Scandinavia!
Keep your hands off traditional spices!

A simple question: Will EU ban Indian cousine next?
Cinnamon is an old spices used around the world. Not only in Indian cousine.
As the Elderly said: Some people never learn…..

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