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Thanks to Genetiker who let me reblogg this as well as other of his bloggs. Please note that during Copper Age as well as later the notes made above his results for Armenia and Levanten is very very interesting for that partly confirms the later earliest written documentation….


Below is a plot for a K = 11 admixture analysis that includes 45 ancient Near Eastern genomes. The table below gives some information for these samples.

This analysis produced three Caucasoid components. The plot shows that the early Neolithic farmers of Asia Minor were mostly genetically similar to the early farmers of the Levant, but that they had a significant amount of admixture from European hunter-gatherers. This was indicated earlier by the presence of Y haplogroups I2c and C1a2 in some of them.

I may update this post with a new plot if another K = 11 analysis produces what I consider to be a better set of components.

Sample Region Culture Date I1407 Armenia Copper Age 4350–3700 BC I1634 Armenia Copper Age 4330–4060 BC I1631 Armenia Copper Age 4250–4050 BC I1632 Armenia Copper Age 4230–4000 BC I1409 Armenia Copper Age 4229–3985 BC I1658 Armenia Kura-Araxes 3347–3092 BC I1633…

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