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Someone ought to give a hint to the CO2-believers: You are fooled by a scam
Neither UN nor IPCC are a World Goverment,
nor do their so called experts show skills in Theories of Science – Basic knowledge
Now is the time for mocking ”Global warming”

It was all about finding ways to rule the World and at least try to apart from finding new ways of taxation – without answering the BIG question: Where have all the money gone?

Btw someone ought to tell the Greens around the world – Fact is fact – forged, tempered or ”corrected” data is fiction!

Among those who need to learn understanding the difference is:
Nu krävs kraftfulla åtgärder mot nötkött och flygresor, David Andersson (doktorand, Inst. för energi och miljö, Chalmers), Christian Azar (professor, Inst. för energi och miljö, Chalmers), Anders Biel (professor, Psykologiska inst., Göteborg universitet), David Bryngelsson (doktorand, Inst. för energi och miljö, Chalmers), Olof Drakenberg (miljöekonom, Göteborgs miljövetenskapliga centrum), Tommy Gärling (professor emeritus, Psykologiska inst., Göteborgs universitet), Fredrik Hedenus (fil. dr., Inst. för energi och miljö, Chalmers), John Holmberg (professor, Inst. för energi och miljö, Chalmers), Sverker C. Jagers (professor i statsvetenskap, Göteborgs Universitet och Luleå tekniska högskola), Jörgen Larsson (fil. dr., Inst. för energi och miljö, Chalmers), Jonas Nässén (docent, Inst. för energi och miljö, Chalmers), Cecilia Solér (ekon. dr., Företagsekonomiska inst., Göteborgs Universitet), Thomas Sterner (professor, Nationalekonomiska inst., Göteborgs universitet) och Stefan Wirsenius (tekn. dr., Inst. för energi och miljö, Chalmers), på DN Debatt 28 februari 2015

Oops think they have to start by learning: Authority is no safe criterion of credibility.Fallacies in argumentation

Watts Up With That?

Guest essay by David Archibald –

They used to be against us, but now Hollywood is on the side of the angels in mocking global warming

clip_image001The science of climate has had intense scrutiny for the last ten years and more with the result that we now know why the planet warmed in the second half of the 20th century and why it is going to cool instead from here. Yet the meme of global warming continues, seemingly unstoppable and immune to facts.

Politically, global warming peaked out at COP 15 in Copenhagen in December 2009 when heads of state of countries accounting for the bulk of the world’s GDP were in attendance. They don’t bother to attend now – it is mainly time-servers who turn up. But global warming’s momentum is still resulting in destructive and pointless legislation and regulation in the English-speaking parts of the planet.


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UN isn’t a World Goverment. But undemocratic politicians sure want to be Leading the World.
So that is why the global warming scare is so hard to kill. The end game is world domination. With such a big prize – the biggest possible, facts aren’t even inconvenient. They are not part of the process. It has been a long slog but gird your loins for a battle that might last into mid-century. Lima was COP 20 and Ms Figueres is prepared to take it to COP 40. is unfortunatly not a movie scenario. 🙂

Watts Up With That?

Guest opinion by David Archibald

“Everybody Wants To Rule The World” was a 1985 song by Tears For Fears. Now in 2015, a number of parties are doing their best to that end – ISIS in the Middle East, Russia chewing up the Ukraine, China in the East and South China Seas and the UN Climate Change Commission. A draft document out of Geneva gives details of the UN plan to rule the world.

clip_image001 Christiana Figueres is on the right in this photo, but far left politically.

For most of us, the memorable thing from the Lima climate late last year was Greenpeace’s despoiling of an ancient Nazca figure of a hummingbird.

But the Lima conference has been quickly followed by another in Geneva. The purpose of the latter conference was to produce the negotiating text for the climate conference to be held in Paris in December. The Geneva…

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Today as so many times before one type of Fallacies in argumentation Argumentum ab auctoritate weaken the conclusion drawn/assumed. Please remember: Authority is no safe criterion of credibility.

U.S. and China, After months of Talk, Reach agreement on Climate Change, Nytimes.com 2014/11/12
The Secretary-General commends the joint announcement by the Governments of the People’s Republic of China and the United States of their post-2020 action on climate change, as an important contribution to the new climate agreement to be reached in Paris next year.United Nations Secratary General Ban Ki-moon’s statement, UN Latest Statements New York, 11 November 2014

Swedish media:
Kina sätter historiskt klimatmål, Aftonbladet 12 november 2014

Neither leaders of the world’s largest economies or leading professors of the same economies best Universities within their own science fields can be used as if their statements always are sound and free from biases. Same can be said regarding their statements independence of influence of interest group/-s! Authority is no safe criterion of credibility

Please read: Climate change follow the money, reblogged article from wattsup with comments

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The last weeks CO2-Alarmist once again tried to call Wulf is comming due to their so called studies regarding possible tsunamis, typhones and other hard weather disasters to hit USA as well as Europe in…..

These so called Scholars forgotten basic Theory of Science: Checking for Historic wellknown data… Or never bothered to learn… chose which.

Powerful, destructive tropical cyclones are now reaching their peak intensity farther from the equator and closer to the poles, according to a new study co-authored by an MIT scientist.

The results of the study, published today in the journal Nature, show that over the last 30 years, tropical cyclones—also known as hurricanes or typhoons—are moving poleward at a rate of about 33 miles per decade in the Northern Hemisphere and 38 miles per decade in the Southern Hemisphere.

”The absolute value of the latitudes at which these storms reach their maximum intensity seems to be increasing over time, in most places,” says Kerry Emanuel, an MIT professor and co-author of the new paper. ”The trend is statistically significant at a pretty high level.”Tropical cyclone intensity shifting poleward, Kerry Emanuel MIT professor in new paper

Always thought MIT students to MIT professors had basic knowledge in subject Theories of Science My mistake I presume 😛
Btw. the professor forgotten that Facts always wins over Fiction and that reality-check is critical for every study….

Klimatförändringar hotar USA varnar studie, DN 14 maj 2014

Example Historic Hurricanes North America:

Newfoundland Hurricane 1775
1933 Tampico hurricane of 1933
New England Hurricane of1938

Many hundred more examples are possible to find documented in archives – that is, IF you are looking for Facts not Fiction

Swedish media:
Det går inte snabbt, det ska erkännas, men efter att ha studerat var cykloner, tyfoner och orkaner nått sin maximala intensitet de senaste 30 åren kan forskarna se att detta inträffar allt längre från ekvatorn. Enligt den aktuella beräkningen, som presenteras i tidskriften Nature, förflyttas denna ”peak” med en hastighet av sex mil söderut och fem mil norrut per decennium. Om 200 år har de tropiska stormarna alltså närmat sig oss med cirka 100 mil.

Enligt Kerry Emanuel, professor på MIT i Boston, USA, är sambandet mycket starkt statistiskt.

– Latituden där dessa oväder når sitt maximum ökar över tid.Larmet: Cykloner på väg mot oss, Aftonbladet 14 maj 2014
IF the professor study has been on the way for 30 years, how come he missed exactly what he say he has studied?

Tropiska stormar närmar sig oss, GP 14 maj 2014

Some of many hundred forgotten examples Europe:

Julianenflut in the Netherlands, storm/hurricane killing 20 000 people 1164
North Sea Storm/Hurricane killing between 25 000 up to 100 000 people 1362 AD from the Netherlands, Germany and up to Jutland (Denmark)
Earth Quake and Tsunami Portugal 1755
Vulcano Laki, Iceland, erupts 1783-84 causing disaster in Europe and global drop in temperature Half of Icelands inhabitants died and the total around the world was around 5 millions….
Loen Norge 1905 and 1936
Tafjord Norge 1934

And IF by any chance a typhone hits ”Europe” you better check your position on GPS. Hurricanes and hard storms as well as vulcano eruptions and tsunamis are possible disaster since historic time began and before in the Atlantic regions. BUT typhones is the Pacific term for same phenomena 🙂

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The CO2-Alarmist never learn. It must be fun not having to check for real records when calling WULF is comming…… 🙂

Scientists are monitoring an iceberg almost the size of Toronto — one of the largest now in existence —that broke off from an Antarctic glacier and is heading into the open ocean.

NASA glaciologist Kelly Brunt said on Wednesday the iceberg covers about 660 square kilometres and is up to half a kilometre thick. Known as B31, the iceberg separated from Antarctica’s Pine Island Glacier last November, Brunt added.

”It’s one that’s large enough that it warrants monitoring,” Brunt said in a telephone interview, noting that U.S. government organizations including the National Ice Center keep an eye on dozens of icebergs at any given time.Massive Antarctic iceberg heads for open ocean, cbc.ca Apr 25, 2014

What’s 660 square kilometers this year compared with the 32322 square kilometers iceberg in 1956? One of more than 1000 large icebergs ”calved” that year? The one monitored now is only 2 percentage of the one back than…… and less than that compared with records from January 1927! Source the Polar Times, vol. 43, page 18 You have to converse mile to kilometer (not to difficult for CO2-alarmists I presume???)

Some people never learn. Stupid fools or are they trying a 1984-trick to scam the world for more money to incompetent so called scholars?

Swedish media:
Västantarktis is faller sönder, SvD May 2014
Issmältningen på Antarktis omöjlig att stoppa, DN 13 maj 2014 …… If you haven’t knowledge every 7th grader around the world should have, than you might not understand that icesheet in Arctic as well as Antarctic grow and ”melt” during their ordinary seasons EVERY YEAR. If you haven’t taken yourself time to go to archive, that’s one thing. That you Alarmists forgotten Archimedes principle, that’s say everything regarding your knowledge and experience of Theories of Science….

and from the birth of ”big” iceberg in 2011: Enormt isberg föds i Antarktis, GP 4 november 2011 reported than to be 900 square kilometers…… checking iceberg history doesn’t seems to be ”needed” for fools of CO2-alarmists…..

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Can’t help not understanding how it’s possible for so many alarmists around the world not to have learnt the Archimedes’ principle every student must have been taught not once but several times 😛

That fools don’t listen nor comprehend the impacts of the stupid ‘experts’ travelling to Antarctica in order to prove melting Polar Ice but instead being stucked up in SUMMER ice when their ship froze into ice…… well Reality exceeds poems No questions in that respect…..:

Record cold doesn’t disprove global warming, CNN January 7 2014 Might be true – but Human history does! In 980 – 1431 AD the Greenlanders had warmer as did all in Northern hemisphere before the so called Little Ice Age There never ever been a risk of human caused global warming!


, simple explanation

Archimedes’ principle is a physical law known since Archimedes’ days:
All objects reduced, pressed or held down in liquid puch away the equvivalent size of the object’s mass.
Please observe that it’s a difference between weight due to gravity and mass. While both can be using the same ‘weight’ in daily speaking, the former isn’t a physical term.
* Mass, measured in kilogram is the amount of material the object in question has.
* Weight is the gravititational influence on an object. That’s a forse and due to that weight is measured in Newton.

In ordinary life the differences aren’t clear. Kilogram/Pounds/Stones is used in daily speaking for both.

Archimedes principle goes for ice-cub in drinks as well as for Ice shields due to Ice Age as well as for Boats or Ice sheet in Sea and remains of Ice Ages long ago such as Glaciars on land! When Ice melt the melted Ice never ever will rise levels neither in drink-glasses nor in Sea! Landrise which is a retarded movement starts at once. Following a quicker uprise-curve in beginning – slowing down over time.
For more information re. Archimes principle Archimedes principle, Encyclopedia Brittanica

California Coastal Commission to solicit input on Global warming driven sea level policy document, Wattsupwiththat 2014/01/08

The bloggarticle refers to a pdf-file: DRAFT Sea-Level Rise Policy Guidance, The California Coastal Commission Announces the Release of Draft Sea-Level Rise Policy Guidance for Public Review Please notice that they say the commentperiod October 14 2013 – January 15 2014<span style In other words they have made comments on days to come….. I didn’t know that California Coastal Commission had skills to predict weather for following days edited long before the document been published! Fortunetellers from star-positions or what?

Well the Elderly used to say: fools and extremists never learn ….. might be correct.

More who have forgotten the basic they once been taught….. Carbon storage: How does soil store CO2?, Science20.com January 8th 2014
EU Commission seeks March start for CO2 permit withdrawal, Reuters 8 jan 2014
the worst dravel I have read for a long long time: Don’t shoot the climate change messenger, the Sydney Morning Herald january 9 2014 Are they real? Or a they trying to save spent money?

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