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Thanks to Genetiker who allows me to reblogg this very interesting results re Phenotype SNPs from the ancient Near East.

I am intrigued by the results presented in the blogg because it seem to be in ”correspondence” with some ancient tales of travelling over long distances as well as with artifacts found along the tales’ waterways. It’s more than interesting.


Below are genotypes for SNPs that have a large effect on phenotype for 45 genomes from the ancient Near East. Derived alleles are in bold. These results are based on pseudo-haploid genotype data. I’ll update this post to give derived allele counts when the sequence data for these samples becomes available.

ASIP, rs6058017, Veddoid brown skin

Armenia Copper Age  I1632  GG
Iran Copper Age     I1661  AA
Levant Bronze Age   I1706  AA
Levant Bronze Age   I1730  AA

EDAR, rs3827760, Mongoloid teeth, hair, etc.

 Anatolia Copper Age I1584 AA Armenia Copper Age I1407 AA Armenia Copper Age I1631 AA Armenia Copper Age I1632 AA Armenia Copper Age I1634 AA Armenia Early Bronze Age I1633 AA Armenia Early Bronze Age I1635 AA Armenia Early Bronze Age I1658 AA Armenia Late Bronze Age I1656 AA Iran Copper Age I1661 AA Iran Copper Age I1662 AA Iran Copper Age I1665…

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