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History gives more information than most are aware of. Including Historians of our own days. Roots from the past keep lingering on with or without our knowledge.
Yesterday the Prime Minister of Turkey said that the Muslims were in America before Columbus.

Turkey Erdogan claims Muslims discovered Americas, Washingtontimes.com 2014/nov/15 How can a land that been discovered long before 1174 by Norse Vikings and where there still exists a book from first half of 1100’s. Book presented in one example to the Pope in 1134……

Muslims found Americas before Columbus says Turkey’s Erdogan, BBC.com 15 november 2014

Thus it might be true that the Muslims visited America before Columbus,
but the Norse Greenlanders had been there long before as well as settled on mainland America long before. At least two dioceses in NA paid tithes to the Papal Church in 1364. Tithes colleted by Ivar Bardarson. This article deals with American history from first part 1000’s and some forgotten facts dealing with the all over asked question: Did Columbus know about a mainland south of Greenland

Erdogan: Muslimer hann före Columbus, Aftonbladet 16 november 2014
Erdogan: Muslimer hann före Columbus, GP 16 november 2014


Greenlandic/Icelandic history of 1100’s.

© Johansson Inger E, Gothenburg november 2014 excepts from manuscript Greenland and Greenlanders, the Forgotten people, Johansson Inger E Gothenburg 2000

Nicholas Bergthorsson, Sea between Markland and Vinland mentioned by in Leidarvisir och borgaskipan written in first half 1100′s. One copy was given to the Pope 1134)
Leidarvisir and borgaskipan:
”North of Germany is Denmark. Ocean extending into the Baltic Sea, near Denmark. Sweden is east of Denmark and Norway in the north. North of Norway’s Finnmark.
Beyond Greenland, southward, there Helluland and beyond it Markland, from there it is not far to Vinland. which some people think stretching all the way to Africa. England and Scotland is an island but is separate kingdoms. Iceland is a large island to the north of Ireland
From Biarmaland northward all the way until you reach Greenland. South of Greenland lies Helluland, then Markland , then…

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