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While reading an excellent bloggarticle on wattsupwiththat, I noticed a link that say all about the CO2-alarmists incapacity of theories of Science. Read the quotes and links below as well as The planetary tidal influence on climate fiasco strong armed science tactics are overkill due process would work better, wattsupwiththat.com 2014/01/17 the discussion there is more than interesting…

Please remember that supressing true facts aren’t the best way of putting forward an unrealistic scenario!

extraordinary news, the scientific journal Pattern Recognition in Physics has been unexpectedly terminated, a “drastic decision” taken just ten months after it started.

The publisher appears to be shocked that in a recent special issue the scientists expressed doubt about the accelerated warming predicted by the IPCC. For the crime of not bowing before the sacred tabernacle, apparently the publishers suddenly felt the need to distance themselves, and in the most over-the-top way. The reasons they gave had nothing to do with the data, the logic, and they cite no errors. There can be no mistake, this is about enforcing a permitted line of thought.Science paper doubts IPCC so whole journal gets terminated, joannenova.com.aug 2014 january A skeptic blogg. Yes, so one needs to go back to basic. True origin lines from journal itself….

Please read the text of the journal:
Recently, a special issue was compiled entitled “Pattern in solar variability, their planetary origin and terrestrial impacts”. Besides papers dealing with the observed patterns in the heliosphere, the special issue editors ultimately submitted their conclusions in which they “doubt the continued, even accelerated, warming as claimed by the IPCC project” (Pattern Recogn. Phys., 1, 205–206, 2013).

Copernicus Publications published the work and other special issue papers to provide the spectrum of the related papers to the scientists for their individual judgment. Following best practice in scholarly publishing, published articles cannot be removed afterwards.

We at Copernicus Publications wish to distance ourselves from the apparent misuse of the originally agreed aims & scope of the journal and decided on 17 January 2014 to cease the publication of PRP. Of course, scientific dispute is controversial and should allow contradictory opinions which can then be discussed within the scientific community. However, the recent developments including the expressed implications (see above) have led us to this drastic decision
Termination of the journal Pattern Recognition in Physics, Pattern recognistion in physics january 2014

As I written before:
”Weather is and has always been a much more complicated thing to make a forecast of than CO2-believers have understood. There are so many more factors involved than are included in so called data models.

Please observe this:
Extent for North Pole Ice 31 december 2013 12.341.252 km2

Compare this with the Area of United States of America approx 9.830.000 km2
This gives us the fact that the Sea Ice Extent in North Pole in 31 december 2013 was more than 125 % of US total land area..

Please notice that the estimated figures for Ice Bear north the pole circle is 20-22,000…. this means that each Ice Bear have approximated 560 km2 each to walk on without having to meet an other Ice Bear.

That might not seem a lot when using the scale above. But please remember that the area for New York City is 1.213 km2 which gives a figure af close to half the area of New York City for each individual Polar Bear to walk on.

So Greenpeace and WWF ought to rethink the need for ‘saving the Polar Bears’ and to present where on Earth the collected money has been used!

Please tell us: Where have all the money gone? Money collected due to false information of reality.

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