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Consensus is a political term – has nothing what so ever to do with science!
Empiri is reality – corrected data used in computer models NEVER EVER is anything bad: Bad input leads to Bad output. That was we systemprogrammers said back in early 1970’s!

Obama unveils major climate change proposal, cnn.com August 3 2015
“Clean Power Plan:” Pres. Obama unveils major climate change proposal, Gov. Walker responds, fox6now.com 2015/08/03

Almost correct facts can be found in one source for data used by IPCC here it is:

Arctic Sea Ice Extant 5 August 2015

BTW…. this gives every single Polar Bear more than 281 square kilometers each to walk alone on! Not at all the lowest value last 30 year…. I guess you know that this means that each Polar Bear have 50% more area to walk on than the area of Washington DC…. 😛

If you President Obama aren’t familiar with Standard Deviations here is the definition:

Standard Deviation

The Standard Deviation is a measure of how spread out numbers are.

Its symbol is σ (the greek letter sigma)

In other word every value up and down from any kind om mean (there are more than one) that falls within the Standard Deviation, is normal – not abnormal in any way…..

Btw the talk that this years reading was the lowest since 1981 in July is a false statement due to corrected not empiric data. I have all the figures needed and same type of ”reading” via satelites show that the lowest empiric value was back in 2006…. as written in the wattsup blogg I have written comments to in Rebogged article – Ocean Heat: New Study Shows Climate Scientists Can Still Torture Data until the Data Confess, wattsup with that 26 July 2015

That’s sad

The CO2-belivers belive but Faith has to do with religion or Faith in a human. They never learnt higher Math, especially not Mathematic Theories, Analyses and never understood that in order to write a systemprogram and or the simplest algoritm, one need to take all important parameters that needs to be answered true into consideration. 7 to 12 of at least 43 NEEDED parameters makes as I wrote above Bad input leads to Bad output. Simple as that.

Science axioms

In Theories of Science it’s never ever possible to prove a thesis right. Only to falsify a thesis

This follows of the most important axiom in Theories of Science:

Each time/period in history needs to rethink and revaluated old accepted theories and thesis from new ”days” advancing analyse methods and/or new facts brought to the ”table”.

Remember that one single black dot on a white paper makes the paper non-white. One single contradiction in a theory is enough for that theory/thesis to be proven wrong.

One single artifact and or factor found in an unexpected place always needs to be folly explained. Or that single artifact/factor leads up to necessarity of formulating a new thesis which includes new knowledge.
Same for thesis in History and Archaeology as for thesis in so called Natural Science.
Implications of falsified Thesis

There are several Fallacies in argumentation, Norah4science page English text to be taken into account when ever someone calls for ”consensus”. Consensus is a political term with no connection what so ever to Theories of Science.

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och gå vidare. Nytt år och vi får åter tillfälle att säga välkommen till Vetenskapsteori!

Today, while shopping at lunchtime for some last minute year end supplies, I got one of the strangest cell-phone calls ever. It was from my friend John Coleman, the founder of the Weather Channel and Chief meteorologist at KUSI-TV in San Diego. He was calling via cell phone from his car, and he was on his way into the TV station early.

He started off by saying, “Anthony, we have a really strange situation here”.

Then to my surprise, he relayed a conversation he had just had; a person on the Akademik Shokalskiy had reached out, because they didn’t have adequate weather data on-board. At first, I thought John was pulling my leg, but then as he gave more details, I realized he was serious.
What had happened was that the US Coast Guard had received a message from the ship, requesting weather and wind information for Antarctica. That got relayed to someone at the Scripps oceanographic Institute in San Diego, and it went to John’s weekend KUSI meteorologist Dave Scott. Dave had worked with a scientist who is now on the US Coast Guard IceBreaker Polar Star, and they had logged the request for weather for forecast data from Akademik Shokalskiy. That’s how all this got started.

The message was that they needed better weather information on the ship than they had, specifically about wind and how it might affect the breakup of sea ice. John asked me to gather everything I had on the area and send it, and also to help him contact Joe D’Aleo of WeatherBell Analytics, because somehow John’s cellphone had gotten stuck into some sort of “private caller” mode and Joe wasn’t answering his phone due to how the incoming call looked.WUWT and Weatherbell help Kusi-Tv with a weather forecasting request from ice trapped ship in Antarctica Akademik Shokalskiy, whatsupwiththat 1 January 2014

Lång väntan för fastfrusna i Antarktis, GP 1 januari 2013
Fortsatt väntan för fastfrusna, DN 1 januari 2013
Fortsatt väntan för fastfrusna, Aftonbladet 1 januari 2014
Kan bli lång väntan. Senaste budet är att det är osäkert om det överhuvudtaget går att lyfta ut dem med helikopter….. Förvisso brukar man säga att som man bäddar får man ligga. Och det verkar fortfarande inte som ‘turisterna’ till experter förstår faran de är i. Men nog önskar då jag att de klarar sig utan allvarliga skador.

Underbar bloggkommentar Laurence Topham is the photographer for the “Let’s follow in the footsteps of the brave Antarctic explorer, Douglas Mawson, and see how Mediterranean the South Pole has become” expedition, sent by the Guardian to show the world we are all going to die, and it’s “all our fault”!

Well, at the moment, their ship is trapped in non-existent ice, and the ice breakers sent to rescue them have found the non-existent ice too thick as well.
He says he thought he was going to have an adventure, but now wants to go home….
I Wanna Go Home, Not a lot of people know that January 1, 2014

Uppe vid Nordpolen har varje isbjörn idag 560,966 kvadratkilometer var att ensam vandra på…. Arctic Sea Ice Extent Dec 31 2013 med andra ord växer isen i norr ordentligt dag för dag. Precis som varje annat år vid denna säsongen. Dags att Greenpeace och WWF plockar ner sina böner om pengar för att rädda isbjörnarna 😛 Se min blogg Sluta ljuga Greenpeace, Norah4you 31 december 2013 Isytan i Nordpolen är fn mer än 25% större än USA:s totala yta. Inte illa att försöka kränga folk på pengar då Greenpeace. Lite bör Ni allt skämmas! Pengar behövs till seriös forskning inte till ovetenskapliga korrigeringar av verkligt uppmätta värden!

För att tala ALLVAR: Det finns inget som helst klimathot, inget CO2-hot,
DÄREMOT finns det ett stort miljöproblem: Vi människor förgiftar vår luft och vårt dricksvatten med alla möjliga kemikalier, medicinrester inklusive hormonmedicin, användning av plastpåsar m.m. För att människan skall ha en framtid krävs det RENT VATTEN att dricka och REN LUFT att andas. Läs gärna på lite om Fotosyntes. Växterna behöver CO2 för att kunna ge oss syre……

I wann

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