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One thing is certain. It’s impossible to argue that it’s God’s intentions that a woman should be raped no matter where and how, that’s as inhuman as can be. Why? No Human person on Earth is God. Please remember what Jesus Christ said. God is good. Not evil! It’s not possible to believe in our Christian God beliving him to force evil on humans.

It’s incredible that some politicians tries to make belive that it’s God’s intentions that a woman who become pregnant under those or worse (incest etc) circumstanses shouldn’t have the rights to abort. If God had had that intention, why shouldn’t a human who really believe in God at least try to understand that abortation under those circumstances could be God’s help to fight the consequenses of Evil. Human are evil sometimes. Not God!

Richard Mourdock’s response to abortion question provokes controversy in Indiana Senate debate, indystar.com Oct 24 2012
GOP’s Mourdock says rape, abortion comments ‘twisted’, usatoday.com 2012/10/24

Ny abortskandal skakar republikanerna, SvD 24 oktober 2012

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