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Once there was a real good statistic page. That was then. Now it’s all but that. First of all:

* I liked when I could read which countries my readers lived in. Loved the maps.
Where have they gone.

* I loved to have that statistic first leftside
* I loved to have statistic which article people read directly under
* Loved to have the statistic searchterms under that.
The rest I loved to have in the right column

Now the statistic page looks for me (became Systemprogrammer 1971 and wrote one of this worlds first searchprogram 1980 still used by several the only thing I sold ”only for free usage”) the statistic page I can see in my computer today looks as if it was made of someone who never learnt the basic need to write from scratch in order to write for the customer not for him/herself…. never seen it as ugly as after yesterday

Inger E

For the first time ever I received a answer that shows the lack of basic knowledge for systemprogramming and lack of understanding us who writes blogs. Worldpress is by far the best one to blogg in at least to all of us who lack money to buy better if there is one out there, which I don’t know.

Anyhow this is the answer I received:

Thanks for contacting WordPress.com! You’ve reached an unmonitored email address (support@wordpress.com). We don’t reply to messages sent to this address; but, did you know you can get instant live chat support?

You just need to log into WordPress.com and visit our contact page here:


Staff is available over live chat there between 7:00am and 8:00pm Eastern Standard Time. During other times you can use that same page to send us a short email.

If you’re having trouble logging in you can get further help here:


Or, if you’re looking to get a refund or cancel a recent purchase you can do so here:


Thanks for flying with WordPress.com!

THe lines in the text show lack of basic knowledge It’s the customer and the user that’s a systemprogrammer is writing for. Many of the customers and users have at least 30 years experience in writing systemprogram. OF COURSE they as well as I myself, know all that and done all that. Don’t like to be treated like a fool! I got my exam 1971 and kept up with IT all years ever after no matter that I got other exams at Universities as well. Don’t like it a bit when there isn’t anything new at all in those text except if I had had money to upgrade. Which I don’t.

You still have the best blogs, I only would like to be able to read my statistic the way I could in the past.
How do I achive that? Well not from the pages you recommend. I don’t like having to use chat because I can’t say when I can read and give feedback in form of potentially new questions. The chat I read has low level questions asked and I don’t have time for those. Sorry but when being 66 years old having used contacts via modem from 1971 that isn’t my cup of tea. That’s the old ways we used back in first half 1980’s. In my eyes nothing for 2016.

Inger E

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The question is one of the easier to answer: Use mathematical analysis such as calculus of variation and process of variation same way you would if you try to solve Xenon’s paradoxs Then you use Tjebychev’s thesis. In other word if you have math in you, you wouldn’t need a calculator what so ever – it’s easy to calculate in your head.

Watts Up With That?


Antarctic sea ice: an update

Antarctic sea ice extent continues to make headlines because it has grown even as much of the globe, and Antarctica itself, is warming. Arctic sea ice, in contrast, is showing a marked decline. Warmer air and ocean waters are bathing both poles, so why does the Antarctic sea ice trend resist decline?

Data image showing Antarctic sea ice maximum extent for 2014

On September 19, 2014, the five-day average of Antarctic sea ice extent reached a maximum record, exceeding 20 million square kilometers for the first time since 1979. The red line shows the average maximum extent from 1979-2014. Credit: NASA’s Scientific Visualization Studio/Cindy Starr

Despite what some might think, high ice extent in Antarctica does not balance out low ice extent in the Arctic. Antarctica is showing strong warming in other areas, and is experiencing the consequences of this warming, such as the dramatic breakups of ice shelves on the Antarctic…

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Om de landar på jorden är det bäst att Hesa Fredrik får ljuda. För större dumhet har sällan skådats. HUR i hela fridens namn går en enda politiker och inbillar sig att det ens är möjligt för föräldrar att kontrollera OM deras barn som inte fått tillstånd går ut på sociala media. Vem skall kolla att föräldrar ens kollar? Hur dum får en politiker vara. Lagar och bestämmelser som inte stämmer överens med verkliga förhållanden, gör mer skada än nytta! Snurren till Rödgrön regeringsröra och skjortvändare till Statsminister har Sverige aldrig haft. Undrar om något annat land i historien haft heller!

Snart kan det vara slutlajkat för alla som är under 16 år.

Som en del av ett nytt EU-direktiv kommer Sverige att införa åldersgräns för sociala medier.

– Om det här får fler föräldrar att engagera sig i vad deras barn gör på nätet så är det bra, säger konsumentminister Per Bolund.Sverige skall införa åldersgräns för sociala medier, Aftonbladet 29 Januari 2016

OM det får???? Hur i dumma och verklighetsfrämmande får EU-direktiv vara och ändå leda till svenska lagar. Åldersgräns finns redan. Oftast 18 år – men hur skall någon kunna kontrollera att inte en 12 åring tar sig förbi föräldrakontroll, registrerar sig och påstår sig vara 18 år? För mig med 45 års erfarenhet av data, som var med innan nätet blev nät och som hade egen hemsida redan 1995, säger sådana förslag allt om okunskap om data som finns.

Att det finns en enda förälder som tycker detta är rätt, säger en hel del om hur lite kunskap de flesta har om datorer, plattor, mobiler m.m. Lagar och riktlinjer som inte har en tjyven till chans att kontrolleras, är bara utanpåverk eller som en julkula som glittrar men saknar fyllning.
Ju längre från verklighetens möjligheter att kontrollera något lagstiftningar kommer, desto mer orimligt är det att lägga pengar på beslut utan kontakt med Jorden. Vilken planet lever Socialdemokraterna på?

Åldersgräns införs på sociala medier, GP 29 Januari 2016
Åldersgräns för sociala medier kan höjas, DN 29 Januari 2016

Det innebär inte, att jag anser att barn skall få använda datorer, plattor och mobiler hur som helst. Bara att det är föräldrar som måste fås att ta ansvar för sina barns handlingar totalt sett. Vilket inte är så lätt om man börjar i fel ända som detta förslaget är. Väx upp och förstå att de kraven hade möjligen varit möjliga att hitta lösningar på hur de skulle kunna kontrolleras för 30 år sedan. Nu är det för sent. Klockan har tickat långt efter 12.

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Where have all the knowledge gone?

Some where well actually Nowhere…. heard but only passing from one ear to the other without any notice taken of what was learnt…..

Swedish example of stupidity:

”Isbjörnarna är det värsta som jag sett”, tv.aftonbladet 7 December 2015

Had they, the CO2-believers, been able to calculate, had they at least been able to consider the area each Polar Bear has to walk on alone, well using simple division (calculater allowed) to see how much area there will be left for each one if you put the square kilometers Ice noted for the day before today in Arctic and divide that with the amount of Polar Bear that’s the last countings give. I always use the highest counted numbers.

And that figure you will have is smaller than it is in reality for it’s not all Ice that’s been taken into the given figures…….. acually much more Ice in reality exist because what’s messured from sky is ice where there aren’t 15 centimeter water on top, which there wery well may be with several meters Ice under, nor is it the Ice sheet that’s messured from sky – only reflexion of energy. which isn’t the same.

Anyhow someone who passes disinformation or as in this Swedish case FALSE information on should have taken themselves time to look in their parents Encyclopedia, then they should have known that things the CO2-believers are believers not ”experts” in Adademic Theory of Science way in subjects they discuss.

Most of the CO2-believers I have met since 1975(!!!) are Leftwingers and/or at least leaning towards ideas put on the tables by Greenpeace and/or alike organisations.

Reblogged from wattsup + comments: ”A simple demonstration of chaos and unteliabilit of computer models

By the way – none of all computer models would have passed to exam as Systemprogrammer in the old days when all basic knowledge + updating every new programlanguage that’s used at present….

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Computer Models…
We used to say: Shit in -> Shit out.
Reminds me of the day the ”head” computer of Saab AB, Linköping, those days best in the world, had a hickup..
We had printed correct a complete flow chart’s all lines including all necessary parameters…
So far so good….
What we hadn’t expected was a short deviation in the ”lines” from our in put station to Saab and back….
I guess it’s the only time in my life a computer print-out printed Chinese letters….

In computer world today called IT and net, anything can happen. A chain isn’t stronger than the weakest link. And every possible known parameter needs to be included in the algoritm you write in order for your analyse to be as correct as can be..

In other words: IF you temper with readings and/or if you aren’t skilled enough to write a program including all needed parameters, then you end up as bad as all of IPCC:s so called experts…

Please remember that Consensus is a political ideological term. Has nothing what so ever to do with Theories of Science nor with anykind of logic argumentation…. In Science that kind of argumentation is called Fallacies in argumentation

During last week up to today we have heard many stupid things told. Most of them either complete false or desinformation of historic data…. Such things use to be called scam or fraud…. Where have all the money gone? Of course it’s free travelling around the world discussing the so called CO2-threat, nor is it free to stay on hotel or to have good food served several times a day 🙂 Anyhow no one up to now, as far as I am aware of, has stood up and told us: This is what the money I have had to use/research/to prove this and that…

One of all stupid and completely false statements being made is that we now have less ice in Arctic than we seen the last twenty years…. and some so called experts reported that there never been so many iceberg ”calved” as lately….
When will they ever learn that we are many living on Earth this very moment knowing that such statements are desinformaon if any.

Reality rules

That’s not true. Nothing to fear.
in 1956 there Iceberg calfed from Arctic and Antarctic were counted in thousands the largest one ever was among them one in particular was noted over and over. There exists Thesis as well as academic papers dealing with this one that was noted once more back in 2005 from archieved papers: ”Antarctica shed a 208-mile-long berg in 1956

One of the largest known Antarctic icebergs broke off in 1956. source: Julie Palis and Guy Guthridge of the Naitonal Science Foundation and Lyn Lay, the librarian at Byrd Polar Research Center found an article about it in the Polar Times, vol. 43, page 18.” http://www.usatoday.com/…/2005-01-20-1956-antarctic…”>Antarctica shed a 208-mile-long berg in 1956, USTODAY 20 januari 2005

The alarmists try to tell us that the Ice situation in Arctic never been as bad as now. LOL the other day each single Polar Bear have more than half the area of Martinique region belonging to France to walk on searching for a partner…. but September 2010 each one had the tiny area of less than 150 % of the area of Marshall islands…. each Polar Bear then had less than 250 square kilometers to walk on by him/herself….

CO2-alarmists false theories

Statement: Kevin Burke makes his living ”off these beautiful creatures,” he says over the rumble of the engine and the clicking of cameras.

For 30 years, he has driven the tundra buggy — essentially a big bus on oversized tires — for Frontiers North Adventures, a local tour company that has guided thousands of tourists over one of the most fragile ecosystems on the planet.

”I never get tired of looking at the bears,” Burke says. But he is also concerned about the changes he has seen.

”I don’t want to think of doom and gloom,” he says. But ”I don’t want to see these bears disappear or starve to death.” Polar Bears climate change: Polar bear scientists have high hopes, low expectations for Paris climate summitm cbc.ca/news/canada/manitoba Dec 02, 2015 10:12 AM CT

Chaque l’ours blanc a donc plus grande surface de la moitié Martinique à marcher surMonsieur le Ministre President Hollande, Norah4you 1 december 2015

In other words. Last day of November 2015, EVERY SINGLE POLAR BEAR HAD HALF THE AREA OF FRENCH REGION MARTINIQUE TO WALK ON BY HIM-/HERSELF. That means there might be a hugh problem finding a partner….. but that’s not due to Climate Threat…..

Swedish Paper making fools of themselves:

Sverige, Tyskland, Storbritannien, Danmark och Nederländerna skrotar outnyttjade utsläppsrätter. De motsvarar tillsammans Sveriges utsläpp under tio år. Med utspelet hoppas man underlätta ett nytt globalt klimatavtal.
-Detta är ett sätt att trycka på andra Kyotoländer att visa att man faktiskt annullerar för att uppnå ännu bättre klimatmål än vad man sagt till 2020. Och det ger en positiv injektion i de samtal som pågår, säger miljöminister Åsa Romson (MP).
Nytt utspel för globalt klimatavtal, GP 4 December 2015

They say that fools never learn. Swedish Minister of Environment Åsa Romson (MP) is one of the best examples of fools. She even tried to claim that she didn’t use probidden colors on her boat last year – but laws are laws and NO Swedish Minister can claim exceptions…..

Klimatambassadören: Parismötet har hamnat i tidsnöd, DN 4 December 2015 What would have happened had politicans and CO2-threat believers listen during lessons where Watercycle

The watercycle

The watercycle

and all the other needed knowledge were such as Photosynthesis and Archimes Principle not to mention Erosion
Been much cheaper than sending incompetent people halfway round the world for meetings…..

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Fools and Scammers of the world unite…… or what has happened to mathematic, psysic, biology, geology education? Well one thing is for sure. Some haven’t understood Photosynthesis among other Natural forces, Natural chemical reactions and so on…. up to Archimedes principle

Inserted quote 27 November 2015:
Stefan Edman: Klimatmötet kan bli en vändpunkt, Gästkrönika Ledarsidan GP 27 november 2015 Fools never learn….. nor do they understand: Consensus is a political term with no connection what so ever to Theories of ScienceFacts not fiction

From Swedish Newspapers
• WMO data based on the temperature of the earth. The analyzes were primarily carried out by three institutions: the Hadley Centre and the Climatic Research Unit in Britain, the US Weather Service, NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration), as well as the US space agency NASA.

• The analyzes show that the average temperature on Earth has increased by around one degree Celsius since 1880 when the survey started. The increase has been most apparent since 19802015 troligen varmaste året sedan 1880, GP 25 November 2015

Klimathotet samlar världen i Paris, Aftonbladet 26 November 2015 How much CO2 have those persons, politicians, so called scholars, UN and IPCC ”elité” not to mention journalists used to get to Paris by plane, eaten for and so on…… They forgot that neither UN nor IPCC is a World Goverment nor an Academic institution…..

Corrected figures and forgotten Arctic/Antartic history
Claim that this year will be the warmest since 1880 is redicules. Only fools and people trying to scam others would try that one. Simple check question to be remembered and asked: WHO measured temperatures in Arctic and Antarctic BEFORE human reached the Poles?

In fact the first base station within 5 km from open sea in Arctic was at place in 1959…. Who measured and where a figure for the year temperature before that? Btw. As Nansen’s Fram showed in early 1900’s the ice in Arctic aren’t stationary in one place… not for one month, not for one year and certainly not isn’t a station placed in Arctic in same GPS-place from 1880 to 2015… Only fools and scammers might try that one.

Route of Nansen’s Arctic expedition ship Fram’s after being frozen in the Arctic Ice.

Route of Nansen's Arctic expedition ship Fram's after being frozen in the Arctic Ice.

Route of Nansen’s Arctic expedition ship Fram’s after being frozen in the Arctic Ice.

Reblogged from Wattsup (link se below my own lines):

Study demonstrates a pattern in ‘how scientists lie about their data’

A few lines from the bloggarticle:

To see if similar patterns exist in scientific academia, Jeff Hancock, a professor of communication at Stanford, and graduate student David Markowitz searched the archives of PubMed, a database of life sciences journals, from 1973 to 2013 for retracted papers. They identified 253, primarily from biomedical journals, that were retracted for documented fraud and compared the writing in these to unretracted papers from the same journals and publication years, and covering the same topics.
The results showed that fraudulent retracted papers scored significantly higher on the obfuscation index than papers retracted for other reasons. For example, fraudulent papers contained approximately 1.5 percent more jargon than unretracted papers.

“Fradulent papers had about 60 more jargon-like words per paper compared to unretracted papers,” Markowitz said. “This is a non-trivial amount.” See link to Study below.

This is unfortunatly only part of the truth when it comes to those calling themselves scholars in subject Climate-threat.
The problem is that not a single study by or for IPCC lives up to the lowest, in other word the basic, level in the way they use Theories of Science, argumentation, retoric and so on.

Climate researchers wouldn’t in old days here in Sweden have been approved even on a D-level (Master Essay/Thesis) less than that thesis. They have far too little knowledge. And that may well be the case. BUT there exist not one single study written by so called scholars of CO2-threat using even half of all the necessary parameters. When I myself, Systemprogrammer 1971 studied to become a teacher in History, Religion, Geography (incl. Geology) and Social Science(Samhällskunskap) I myself for my algoritm re. Waterlevels from peak of the Stone Age up to year 1000 AD all around the world in order to have correct levels in the Sea we Swedes call ”Östersjön” in other words between Sweden and Finland-Baltic-Germany-Denmark, for same periods, I found that one needed at least 43 (FORTY THREE) different parameters. And testing/analysing them one by one before it was possible to write an algoritm….

Is there anyone who seen over 12 parameters used by the so called scholars? Let alone they seem to understand that Consensus is a political term with no connection what so ever to Theories of Science.. But they act worse than that. As written in the reblogged article how scholars tend to write when they either know that their data is incorrect or incomplete, in other words what we who studied Theories of Science calls using Fallacies in argumentation they show themselves as worse than a strawman….
But that’s not all

The so-called CO2 measurements never was set up to measure CO2 for CO2-threat ”scholars”. After St Helena exploded the instruments measuring CO2 came to be placed near normally in the windshadow of an Vulcano due to the need of measuring CO2 preasure and quantity changes to be able to make a good forecast of next eruption……
Any vulcano, to be, now active or dead for millions of years, always produce CO2. In fact 92% of all CO2 produced on Earth comes from vulcanos on land or in Sea….. Then we have the percentage from tectonical plates’ collisions and so on. HUMANS only produce less than 1 % of all CO2 produced on Earth entering our Atmosphere…..

If you look at the red dot, that’s the hight of Mount Everest. The blue repr. Mariana Trench. All in correct scale using the Earth radie to write the circle. Hope You understand:
If you look at the red dot, that's the hight of Mount Everest. The blue repr. Mariana Trench. All in correct scale using the Earth radie to write the circle.

When CO2 ”scholars” refer to CO2-measuring they use a Volcano on Hawaii as their standard. Please remember what you read above regarding Volcanos…… not only do they act as When the fox counts the chickens they don’t even meet normal standard presenting raw data. They ”Correct them”…. one of the most used scholars in England’s Academic World thought I was on his side so he sent me his raw data as well as each correction when the so called Computer Models first was presented….. As a Systemprogrammer with Exam 1971 and who followed and learnt Computerlanguage up to present day, I am chocked to say the least of the low quality in their so called models. We used to call such systems and programs – shit in shit out…..

But of course, as You who followed my blogg knows….. in many ways Swedes tend to go to the extrem. We have the longest ungoing Investigation/Study before a law was taken… over 150 years… and in the so called CO2-threat you will find that this hardly isn’t enough…..

”Our reconstruction of the winter and spring temperature variations over half a millennium shown in Figure 1. The measurements for 1860 are adjusted for the artificial warming caused by the city of Stockholm’s growth, so that the curve shows the more natural change.” Source: Research and Advances No. 5, 2008, 500 years of weather. Swedish Journal title: Forskning och Framsteg nr 5 2008, 500 års väder

CO2 scum continues
Nothing new when CO2-”experts” try their best to fill an empty bag with more than air….. That was proven beyond reasonable doubts in Documents suggests that a climate activist shadow organization was behand the Rico20-allegation, Reblogg från Watts up

btw. If you want a real good laugh read this one as well: The ultimate ‘Godwin-effect’ – Science in 1941: ‘Global warming caused Hitler’, Wattsupwiththat 2015/11/24

And some persons calling themselves experts and scholar can’t count neither do a proper analys…..’

Todays Arctic Sea Ice Extent: The latest value: 10,003,709 km2, November 24, 2015

This Polar Bear and others will have a hugh problem.... Problem of finding a partner..... not finding Ice to walk on

This Polar Bear and others will have a hugh problem…. Problem of finding a partner….. not finding Ice to walk on

This means that each Polar Bear alone at present have almost as much many km2 as the islands of Seyschellerna. The later have 455 km2 area – Each Polar Bear have to walk alone on 454,7 km2. Might be that they have a hard time finding a partner? Sourcs: A [fat] polar bear is shown on the north slope of Alaska. Credit: Eric Regehr, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Swedish newspapers re. UN:s and IPCC:s CO2-threat meating in Paris will follow at top one by one.

Watts Up With That?

Stanford researchers uncover patterns in how scientists lie about their data

When scientists falsify data, they try to cover it up by writing differently in their published works. A pair of Stanford researchers have devised a way of identifying these written clues.

white-coated doctor with hands behind his back; one hand has fingers crossed in gesture indicating he's lying Andrey Popov/Shutterstock

Stanford communication scholars have devised an ‘obfuscation index’ that can help catch falsified scientific research before it is published.

Even the best poker players have ”tells” that give away when they’re bluffing with a weak hand. Scientists who commit fraud have similar, but even more subtle, tells, and a pair of Stanford researchers have cracked the writing patterns of scientists who attempt to pass along falsified data.

The work, published in the Journal of Language and Social Psychology, could eventually help scientists identify falsified research before it is published.

There is a fair amount of research dedicated…

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Som vi säger här i Sverige: Kors i taket

Studie från Nasa: Antarktis tillförs mer is än kontinenten förlorar, DN 3 November 2015

Hur länge skall det gå innan det gått upp en talgdank för svenska politiker och andra som trott på Klimathotet. Hur lång tid till tar det innan de inser att de blivit utsatta för det största lurendrejeriet med världsomfattning i världens historia?

Själva NASA-rapporten går att läsa mer om på: Mass gains of Antarctic Ice Sheet greater than losses, NASA study reports, phys.org/news October 31 2015

För fakta om Jorden se: Fakta om jorden

Kommer Du som läser ihåg stollarna som tog båt och fastnade i Antarktis isar lite senare på året än nu härom året. De som gått på fantasin att all is i Arktis skulle vara borta??? Då gick inte talgdanken upp….. kan vi som kan ämnet hoppas att den gör det nu?

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Som de gamle sa: Redan de gamla grekerna…….

se även: Datorer i sig inga krigsvapen, Norah4you 4 september 2014



Antikytheramekanismen som hittades hösten år 1900 av grekiska svampplockare hösten 1900 som efter att ha samlat upp svamp utanför Tunisiens kust när de var på hemväg och sökte lä vid grekiska klippön Antikthera, var i sig en analog manuellt driven dator. Världens första dokumenterade utifrån möjlig att undersöka i verkligheten.

För historiker har det varit känt i 1700 år att det fanns matematisk och teknisk kunskap hos de gamla Grekerna som gjorde att de hade haft samt byggt analoga datorer inte bara för att beräkna när nästa Olympiad skulle hållas utan i detalj t.ex. solens, månens och stjärnornas rörelser i förfluten tid, nutid och framtid.

Det fanns analoga datorer som är kända för att ha kunnat användas att räkna ut kastvinklar, nedslagsplatser m.m. i samband med strider samt självfallet de som likt Antikytheramekanismen innehöll en sk. Metons cykel på 236 månaders basis för att hålla reda på exakt var…

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Hur står det till och varifrån kommer uppgiften att myndigheter och företag redigerar i Wikipedia? ALLA vi som har konto på Wikipedia, och vi är ett antal tiotusen runt jorden, har möjlighet att gå in och redigera på Wikipedia. Som privatpersoner utifrån egen kunskap och källhänvisning (förr krävdes det inte att källa angavs eller att vi signerade i underlaget till det som visades); Som personal som på företag har i uppgift att arbeta med sitt företags policy (krävs som sagt signering och källhänvisning inte bara att ta bort och lägga till som Wikipedia en gång var känd för)
Samma gäller för alla som har konto.

Snurren på media eller är detta ny form av desinformation. För inte katten kan väl folk idag gå och tro att Wikipedia som helhet är en säker källa? Det händer att jag själv hänvisar dit efter att ha kollat innehåll och källor till sidan i Wikipedia eller besitter kunskap nog att avgöra om texten där är tillräckligt ok för de som inte orkar eller klarar att läsa verklig källtext ofta på ett antal olika språk. Har själv haft mitt konto längre än jag haft min blogg.

Myndigheter redigerar Wikipedia, GP 31 augusti 2014
Företag och partier redigerar Wikipedia, Expressen 31 augusti 2014
Myndigheter censurerar Wikipediatexter, DN 31 augusti 2014
Myndigheter redigerar Wikipedia, SvD 31 augusti 2014
Myndigheter redigerar Wikipedia, Aftonbladet 31 augusti 2014

Wikipedia är ingen tillförlitlig källa i sig. Duger för vardagligt bruk och går efter källkritisk kontroll av de uppgifter man själv söker och vet är korrekta att använda som referenskälla. Men det är ett problem som funnits med sedan Wikipedia skapades – alldeles för många, och då ofta forskare med ryggsäck/bias och politiker, myndigheter och företag samt enskilda har konto med rätt att korrigera. För vardagligt bruk saknar detta normalt betydelse. Men i tider där många går och tror att Wikipedia uppgifter och för den delen lika opålitliga TT-uppgifter är de som ger sanningen och bara de, så är det allvarligt. Mycket desinformation hamnar i Wikipedia samt i TT-s fall lämnas upp och ”slinker” igenom……

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The main thing in all text of US Constitution as signed by the Fathers of the State is to defend US against foreign and domestic actions trying to change or attack US democracy as defined and signed in the Constitution.

This directly limits the possibility for any given President of US and/or for the Congress as well as for US Senate to change that without changing US democracy. It’s simple as that. Safety of the State in accordance to the Constitution is what it’s all about. No person, president of US, member of US Congress or Senate is excluded from that.

US Constitution

Article III section 2.
….The Trial of all Crimes, except in Cases of Impeachment, shall be by Jury; and such Trial shall be held in the State where the said Crimes shall have been committed; but when not committed within any State, the Trial shall be at such Place or Places as the Congress may by Law have directed.”

Please observe that it’s said that ‘the Trial shall be…. may by Law have directed”. Same goes in every given country on Earth: A Constitution gives the limits as well as set the demands for what law texts may contain. No country on Earth, democratic or not, gives a clearance for attacks by terrorists, spies or any in Laws named criminals such as drug dealers, pedophiles, illegal autonom groups working against the State (or Country) to be excluded!

Important for All discussing the NSA activity in US is to read: The Preamble to The Bill of Rights: …..
ARTICLES in addition to, and Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America, proposed by Congress, and ratified by the Legislatures of the several States, pursuant to the fifth Article of the original Constitution.

Please observe: …pursuant to the fifth Article of the original Constitution

If taken time to read and understand what the fifth Article say, there is a very important line which many persons in US and especially outside US forgotten to take in:
…..that no Amendment which may be made prior to the Year One thousand eight hundred and eight shall in any Manner affect the first and fourth Clauses in the Ninth Section of the first Article; and that no State, without its Consent, shall be deprived of its equal Suffrage in the Senate.

What does the first and fourth Clauses in the Ninth Sextion of the first Article say? They deal with taxation and they don’t give any rights what so ever for any person to be excluded from the laws and the Constitution given by US the United States to defend democracy of US. Please read and take in the pretext to US Constitution:

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America
That’s the way it is from a Constitutional view. An other thing is that everyone, in US as well as in the rest of the World, by accepting the terms of agreement for them to have and use an internet-account, a mobile phone etc have accepted themselves that their provider have the rights to among other thing to follow the laws in US as well as in any other country where they use mobile phones/PC/laptops and so on.

As I wrote in Congratulations, you accepted and you are paying, Norah4you 2014/01/17
– if you by any chance are among those whose transactions or actions are checked by authorities due to suspicion of you being a terrorist, being money laundring or any of all the categories which simply can be summond as one of the five major priority for Interpol and UN, then I understand you are afraid…. otherwise it’s one of the best securities there is against all trying to attack democracy and person’s rights!

If you are innocent, you needn’t be worried at all!

Grading President Obama’s NSA speech, Washingtonpost.com 2014/01/18

Obama sets good course on privacy debate, CNN January 17, 2014 As everyone ought to understand President Obama is limited by US Constitution giving total clearing for privacy to animies of the State as well as to other hard criminals. It’s not possible to clear a person by looking at him/her or by looking at a person’s title etc.

NSA Collecting Text Messages, Jeff Danzigeer Huffingtonpost 01/18/2014 One of all who forgotten to read the small lined when accepting terms…..
NSA critics in Congress sense reform momentum after Obama speech, the Guardian 2014/jan/18 The Guardian once again tries to spread desinformation. First the Guardian should take a closer look of Bills of Rights at home! Then they ought to read US Constitution better as well! A total freedom in accordance to today’s belivers dreaming of a never existing Society a la Rousseau, never was and never will be possible at all.

The last suggestion goes for the New York Time as well. With Plan to Overhaul Spying, the Divisiveness Is in the Details, NYT 2014/01/19

Swedish media:
Blandade reaktioner på Obamas tal, GP 18 januari 2014
Obama: NSA måste bli mer transparent, Expressen 17 januari 2014
NSA-skandal kan ge gränser på nätet, Aftonbladet 2014-01-18
Obama begränsar avlyssning, SvD 17 januari 2014
DN:s Korrespondent: Många hade väntat sig mer av presidenten, DN 17 januari 2014 Mer än vad USA:s konstitution medger? Clown!

READ and try to understand what’s the limits due to need of defending democracy. the net and cellphone usage aren’t a Wild Western” Neither on net nor by using ‘air-communication’ such as mobile phones! Democracy needs to be defended against those who don’t accept Constitution, Laws and Democracy!

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